Top 5 Experimental Electronic Artists of All Time

Top 5 Experimental Electronic Artists of All Time*

1. Aphex Twin*

2. Boards of Canada*

3. Autechre*

4. Squarepusher*

5. Venetian Snares*

Richard David James, known by his stage name Aphex Twin, is an Irish-born English electronic musician and composer. He is known for his influential mid-1990s ambient and downtempo music, he also released a number of works under other aliases, including AFX, Caustic Window, Polygon Window, Power-Pill, and Bradley Strider. He is best known for his influential work in styles such as ambient techno and “intelligent dance music” during the 1990s.*

Boards Of Canada are a Scottish electronic music duo consisting of brothers Michael Sandison (born 1 June 1970) and Marcus Eoin (born 21 July 1971). Signing to Skam and then Warp Records in the 1990s, the duo received recognition following the release of their debut album Music Has the Right to Children in 1998.*

Autechre are an English electronic music duo consisting of Rob Brown and Sean Booth,[2] both from Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Formed in 1987,[3] they are

If you’ve ever thought about how the music of today is made, then you’ve thought about electronic music. Electronic music has been around for years and has been recently brought back into the mainstream spotlight. Electronic music is one of the most popular music genres today, with artists such as Daft Punk, Skrillex, Deadmau5 and many others gaining large amounts of fame and success. However, contemporary electronic music is only a fraction of what this genre has to offer. There are hundreds of artists who have created moving, inspiring and amazing pieces of art that have yet to be heard by millions of people. Here are 5 experimental electronic artists that have never been on the Billboard Top 100 list but should be:

1) Boards of Canada

Boards of Canada is an electronic duo from Scotland, consisting of brothers Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin, who started making music together at a young age. Boards’ musical style can be described as ambient or avant-garde electronica in nature, often using mellow melodies coupled with warm pads and other samples combined with subtle rhythms to create a laid-back and somewhat nostalgic atmosphere. As hinted at in their album name “Music Has the Right to Children,” Boards’ sound often reminds me of childhood which is what makes

The following artists have all been labeled as experimental electronic artists. Experimental electronic music is distinct from other forms of electronic music in that it exploits electronic instruments and technology in non-traditional and innovative ways. This list is not exhaustive, but rather a selection of artists who have made significant contributions to the genre.

Aphex Twin

Richard David James (born 18 August 1971), best known under the pseudonym Aphex Twin, is an Irish born English electronic musician and composer who has helped push the boundaries of electronic music to new levels. His sound is frequently described as acid techno, ambient techno, and intelligent dance music (IDM). He revolutionized these genres by taking them to new levels with his experimental sounds and melodies. His songs are often filled with unique beats, sounds, and rhythms that take you on a journey of sonic exploration. The name Aphex Twin was chosen because he wanted people to think it was two brothers creating the music rather than just one person; this would also explain how he is able to produce such diverse music at such a prolific rate.

James was born in Limerick, Ireland and grew up around London after his family moved there at age 5. He has been interested in electronics since childhood and began experimenting with synthesizers at age 10 or 11; this led

Electronic music has a long and varied history, with so many different artists and styles to choose from. These are some of the most influential and innovative electronic artists who have developed new methods and paved the way for future electronic music.

Brian Eno: Brian Eno is a British artist specializing in ambient, electronic music, sound design, and production. He is known as one of the most important figures in electronic music and the godfather of ambient music. A pioneer in the use of looping, Eno invented a style he calls generative music which uses systems that evolve over time; similar to organic growth. Utilizing a variety of synthesizers to create thought provoking compositions as well as production work with rock groups such as U2 and Talking Heads, Eno has influenced countless artists in various genres.

Autechre: One of the most respected names in abstract electronica, Autechre are two British producers who have been at it since 1991. Their music tends to be highly experimental and mathematical, featuring complex rhythms and unconventional sounds. They have an extensive catalog which includes over twenty albums and EPs on Warp Records that consistently push boundaries in the production process.

Aphex Twin: Aphex Twin is another influential British producer who has been around since

Sonic Youth, for the longest time known as just an alternative rock band, was one of the pioneers of noise rock, a genre that fuses rock music with atonal electronic sound. Their use of electronic effects is definitely on par with their biggest influences like The Stooges.

Oneohtrix Point Never is a musician who’s music has evolved over the years. Early in his career he created harsh industrial beats, but in recent years has taken a more ambient approach to his music. One of the most interesting things about his music is that it never sounds like anything else out there. He creates complex electronic soundscapes that are constantly evolving and changing with every listen.

The Knife is an electronic duo from Sweden who have released some of the most unique sounding records ever made. They’re not afraid to mess around with any type of sound and create something truly unique and original. Many of their albums are art pieces unto themselves and each song feels like it could be part of a larger narrative.

Aphex Twin is one of the best known electronic musicians in the world today, but he’s also one of the most experimental ones as well. His music can range from beautiful ambient pieces to harsh industrial beats that will make you question what you’re even listening to

Although electronic music is a very broad term, it is usually used for describing music that is made with the help of electronic instruments or equipment. The term “electronic music” does not necessarily mean that the sound must be produced by electronic means. In fact, a lot of electronic music is live as well.

A lot of different styles and genres can be classified as electronic music. The history of electronic music goes back to about 50 years ago when synthesizers were created.

Today, in the 21st century, almost all popular music incorporates some form of electronics. But then again there are some underground styles and genres that do not rely on electronics at all.

The best way to understand what “electronic music” is all about is by listening to it!

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