The Best 80s Electronic Music

The Best 80s Electronic Music: A blog about the best electronic music from the 80s.

The Best 80s Electronic Music

Analog synthesizers and drum machines.


The Art Of Noise Album: Who’s Afraid Of (1984)

The Art Of Noise – Legs (1984)

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The Art Of Noise, the band that actually consists of one man, Trevor Horn, is one of the most successful, important and influential electronic music groups of all time. Trevor was also a member of progressive rock group Yes in their successful period back in the early 1980s. The Art Of Noise were formed in 1983 and they were originally a studio based band made up of producer/arranger Trevor Horn, keyboardist Anne Dudley, engineer Gary Langan and programmer JJ Jeczalik. In 1984 their debut album Who’s Afraid Of was released on ZTT Records. The album included many different elements of music such as rock, pop and classical plus it also featured a few vocals from Duane Eddy and Malcolm McLaren. Their most popular single from the album, Close (To The Edit), has since been remixed many times along with other songs from the album such as Beat Box which reached number 8 in

The Best 80s Electronic Music: A blog about the best electronic music from the 80s.

80s electronic music is a blog that covers all of the most important bands, songs and album releases of this genre. This site also features a list of the main 80s Electronic Music bands and artists.

The Best 80s Electronic Music: A blog about the best electronic music from the 80s.

80s Electronic Music is the home of all of those bands that took advantage of new technology to create a new musical sound.

The first half of the 80s was dominated by synths and sequencers, while in the second half, samplers became more popular. The rise in popularity of electronic music came as a result of the new technology that was available at the time.

With this new technology, musicians were able to create a huge range of sounds, many of which had never been heard before. This led to an explosion in creativity, with many different genres being born out of this period.

The term “The Best 80s Electronic Music” is a reference to the era of my childhood, when I was discovering and enjoying music. So, in other words, it’s a personal blog about music that I liked in the 80s. It’s not meant to be a definitive list of the greatest songs of the decade, or to be an objective discussion of the greatest albums or bands.

In fact, I’m not sure why I even chose the name “The Best 80s Electronic Music.” For one thing, what does “electronic” mean? The term can be applied to everything from Kraftwerk to Peter Gabriel to Depeche Mode, and it would include almost all of my favorite songs.

The best electronic music from the 80s.

Synthpop, New Wave, Techno, EBM

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The Best of 80s Electronic Music

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