10 Electronic Music Composers and Producers You Should Know – Part I

10 Electronic Music Composers and Producers You Should Know – Part I: A blog about the most influential composers and producers in the industry.

The electronic music industry is thriving. If you have been looking for people to follow, you may have found yourself overwhelmed by the number of electronic music composers and producers out there. Let’s get started with a list of 10 electronic music artists that are paving the way for many others to follow:

1. Diplo: Thomas Wesley Pentz, better known by his stage name Diplo, is an American DJ, record producer and rapper based in Los Angeles, California. Pentz has won Grammy Awards for his collaborative projects with other artists such as Sia, Skrillex, Justin Bieber and Beyonce. He currently holds the position of co-creator and lead member of the electronic dancehall music project Major Lazer.*

There are some people in the electronic music industry that deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments. After all, they wrote the rules we all follow today. Without them, we would never have had the ability to create our own sounds and tracks with a computer, or even a synthesizer.

There is a new generation of musicians who are making headlines on SoundCloud, but let’s not forget about those who have paved the way for them. This is an article about 10 Electronic Music Composers and Producers You Should Know – Part I. A blog about the most influential composers and producers in the industry.

In this article we will cover some of the most influential composers and producers in the business today. They have influenced many artists and have been featured in films, TV shows, commercials and other media formats over the years. Their music has inspired millions of people around the world over time.

Please note: This is not a blog post on electronic music history; it’s simply an opinion piece written by one person (me) based off my research into these artists’ lives and careers as well as what I’ve learned from them myself personally through interviews with them or reading their interviews elsewhere online/offline…

Instrumental electronic music is a broad term. The only real requirement is that the music isn’t dominated by vocals. Beyond that, it’s vast landscape full of sub-genres. Some of the most popular sub-genres include chillwave, ambient and noise music.

I’ve decided to write a two-part series on the topic of instrumental electronic music composers and producers, starting with this article about my 10 favorites. In the second part, I’m going to ask some of my favorite composers and producers to share their top picks.

So without further ado, here are my 10 favorite composers and producers of instrumental electronic music:

Electronic music is a genre that has seen a surge in popularity over the last 5 years with artists like Skrillex and Knife Party becoming household names. Even huge acts like Daft Punk, David Guetta, and Deadmau5 have evolved to become “mainstream” with radio appearances and music videos.

But there’s so much more to electronic music than these big name acts. In an effort to bring some more attention to those who deserve it, I’ve decided to create a list of the most influential composers and producers in the industry. These are not necessarily “big name” artists but they are all extremely talented at what they do.

The names will be listed in no particular order and this is only Part I of many. Let’s get started!

I’ll start off with one of my favorite artists: Trentemoller. The Danish DJ/producer is responsible for producing some of the most beautiful deep house tracks out there. He weaves together melodic riffs on various instruments (the piano, guitar, or synthesizer) along with ambient sounds that blend together perfectly. His track “Moan” is one of the best examples of this style (listen below).

His most recent release, Lost, is a 2-disc

Instrumental electronic music is a genre that has grown in popularity over the last few years. The genre itself is not new, but it has certainly become more prominent in recent years, especially among new producers. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of 10 influential electronic music composers and producers for you all to check out. 1. Brian Eno Brian Eno is one of the most important figures in the ambient music scene. He has been making instrumental electronic music since the early 1970s and continues to produce music today. His first album Ambient 1: Music for Airports was released in 1978 and is considered to be the first ambient album ever created. 2. Jean-Michel Jarre Jean-Michel Jarre is another influential composer who has been making instrumental electronic music since the 1970s. He first gained recognition with his album Oxygene which was released in 1976 and became a best seller around the world. 3. Klaus Schulze Klaus Schulze is a German musician who has been producing instrumental electronic music since 1971 when he first joined Tangerine Dream. 4. Steve Roach Steve Roach is an American musician who has been creating instrumentals since 1980 when he released his first album Structures from Silence on Fortuna

In the history of electronic music, there is a long and well-established tradition of composers who work with instruments and musicians as their medium of choice. Over the past century, however, a steadily growing number of composers have embraced electronics as their primary vehicle for musical expression.

Electronic music has been around since the 1890s, when Thaddeus Cahill invented one of the first electronic instruments, the Telharmonium. Fast forward to the 1950s, and that’s when things started to get really exciting. Composers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and Pierre Schaeffer were experimenting with tape recorders and analog synthesizers, paving the way for other musical innovators like John Cage, Brian Eno and The Beatles.

Today, electronic music continues to evolve in exciting ways as composers use computers and software as their instruments. In this two-part series we’ll explore some of today’s most influential electronic music composers and producers.

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