Listen To The Best Electronic Albums of 2015

Albums of the Year: electronic

Listen To The Best Electronic Albums of 2015

As we come to the end of another incredible year for electronic music, we look back at the 25 essential albums of the year.

1. V/A – FACT mix 577: Underground Resistance

2. Hieroglyphic Being – The Disco’s Of Imhotep

3. Kamixlo – Angelico

4. Floating Points – Elaenia

5. Call Super – Suzi Ecto

6. DJ Spinn & Taso – Off That Loud (Teklife Vol 1)

7. Second Storey & Appleblim – Double Divide

8. Laurel Halo – In Situ

9. Lotic – Damsel In Distress (Houndstooth)

10. Steffi – Power Of Anonymity (Ostgut Ton)

By now, electronic music has become such a huge part of the mainstream that it’s easy to forget that it was once an underground sound. In 2015, EDM became so familiar as to be banal, but there were also plenty of exciting developments in more left-field dance music. Here are our picks for the best electronic albums of this year.

The Best Electronic Albums of 2015

Electronic music, in all of its forms, has had a huge influence over the sound of today’s music. It’s hard to imagine how bland pop music would be without it. Here at The 405, we are fascinated by electronic music, and are always looking to hear new sounds and styles.

We’ve spent a good amount of time debating on our favourite albums released this year, and below is the result of that conversation. This list is not based on album sales or chart positions, but rather on the quality of the albums that we’ve heard over the course of 2015.

If you’d prefer to listen to these albums in their entirety, head over to our Best New Electronic playlist on Spotify.

The year 2015 has been a good year for electronic music, with many great releases coming from both veterans and newcomers. We’ve covered a lot of them here and we are happy to announce our favorite albums of the year.

We’ve picked our favorites based on the quality of music, consistency, influence and impact on the scene. We’ve got tracks from many subgenres of electronic music, including house, techno, bass, tech-house and ambient.

2015 was a great year for electronic music. The genre keeps growing with no end in sight, and its influence on the mainstream is undeniable. And as far as our team is concerned, 2015 was one of the best years for electronic music since the turn of the century. But enough about what we think — we want to hear from you!

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite 20 albums from 2015 and are letting you vote for your favorite. You can vote once per day until January 8, 2016, when voting will close. If you don’t see your favorite album listed below, please let us know in the comments, and we’ll be sure to add it to the poll.”

The end of the year is drawing near, which means it’s time to look back on a massive year in electronic music and pick out some of our favorite releases. We’ve excluded compilations and remix albums, and focused on LPs that were either original albums or electronic artists’ takes on the LP format (i.e. mixes). Here are our selections for the best electronic albums of 2015.

1. Dauwd – Theory Of Colours

2. Oneohtrix Point Never – Garden of Delete

3. Lone – Reality Testing

4. Jlin – Dark Energy

5. Nicolas Jaar – Nymphs II

6. Holly Herndon – Platform

7. RL Grime – VOID

8. FKA Twigs – M3LL155X EP

9. Floating Points – Elaenia

10. Rival Consoles – Howl

In the spirit of the year-end lists that have become a publishing tradition for music critics, we’ve decided to compile a list of our own. But instead of ranking albums based on their critical merits, we’ve tried to measure their impact in terms of how much they dominated our listening habits.

To do this, we looked at the total number of listens that each album received on Bandcamp (a popular web platform for music sales) and Spotify (the world’s largest streaming service), and then combined those totals with how many times each album has been linked to on social media.

The results are admittedly subjective but they provide an interesting way to look at how our listening habits have changed in 2015.

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