Top New Electronic Music Albums

Top New Electronic Music Albums: A blog that links to newly released electronic albums.

It would be nice if we could get the latest new albums in the mail each day. The problem with this is that we would have to sort through all of them, and there is no way to know which ones are good.

This is where a blog like this comes in handy. It covers a lot of albums, and it includes reviews of each one. This makes it easy to find the ones that you want to listen to. It also makes it easy to get the latest releases from bands that you might not have heard of before.

We can’t always find out what’s new by ourselves. This is why it’s so important for websites like this to exist. They make things easier for us all.

The best part about this site is that it does not have any ads or pop-ups. This means you can focus on enjoying your music without distractions!

Top New Electronic Music Albums: A blog that links to newly released electronic albums. A good electronic music blog – generally has new releases every few days, and sometimes every day.

Some of the best electronic music blogs will have an exclusive section that includes some of the most recent releases from different genres. Some of these blogs are really good and can help you find the latest tracks from your favourite artists.

The top 10 electronic music blogs will also include reviews and some photos of the artists. This can help you find out about new releases before they are released so that you can decide if you want to download them when they come out.

Top New Electronic Music Albums

New electronic music releases: new releases from electronic artists and labels.

Updated on December 12, 2016.

Emancipator – Baralku via 1320 Records

The long-awaited album from Emancipator, Baralku, is finally here. Check out the full album below!

Emancipator – Baralku via 1320 Records by Emancipator

Emancipator – Baralku via 1320 Records

New Electronic Music Albums

New Electronic Music Albums, EPs and Singles by Various Artists

This is an ongoing list of new electronic music. You can submit album releases to the blog here. I also have a Spotify Playlist that contains all the albums below and is updated weekly.

New Electronic Music Albums

Catching Flies – Silver Linings (2016)

Catching Flies – This City (2015)

Cliff Lothar – Super Dark (2016)

Curbi – Shinai (2016)

Deorbiting – Saturnalia (2016)

Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE – Need You (2016)

Flume – Skin (2016)

Fox Stevenson & Curbi – Hoohah (2016)

GORILLAZ – Hallelujah Money ft. Benjamin Clementine (2017)

Gorillaz – Humanz (2017)

Gucci Mane Ft. Frank Ocean & Migos – Slippery (Remix) (2017)

Hundred Waters – Currency ft. Zack Villere (2017)

IHF- Serene Sky EP (2012)

Joe Ford & Document One – Care For Me ft. Laconic (2017)

Jon Hopkins – Singularity:

This blog is a list of new electronic albums and singles. The intent is to expose the reader to new music that they may not have heard otherwise.

I come from a DJ background, so I tend to lean towards lists of songs that would work well in a club setting. However, I also listen to and post about less DJ-oriented music as well.

This list is updated every Monday morning (US time).

I will not post about any album I have not listened to in its entirety. My personal taste leans towards interesting and engaging electronic music, with a focus on strong melodies and/or solid beats.

Stay up to date with the latest electronic music albums, singles, mixes and podcasts.

Recent Albums

Dixon – Temporary Secretary

Miss Kittin & The Hacker – Lost Tracks Vol. 1

Lawrence – Films & Windows

Lena Willikens – Phantom Delia

Floating Points – Crush

Objekt – Cocoon Crush

Lena Willikens – Phantom Delia (Album)

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