Music of the Road – The Definitive Guide to Car Advertizing

There are many great bands and artists that aren’t very well know, but have great music. This blog will showcase the best of them, and explore the future of music.

I’ve created a list of my top ten favorite bands on Grooveshark, where they can be heard in their entirety.

For more great bands, check out:

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The sound of the road is the music of the brand. Music is an integral part of any car advertisement. It’s also a powerful way to build a strong and distinctive brand. But not all car brands are created equal when it comes to their music. Some brands have such great music that they have become synonymous with the brand itself. The challenge for car advertisers is to create an audio identity that enhances the visual identity in a powerful way.

That’s why we’ve put together this definitive guide to the best electronic bands in car advertising, along with some tips on how to get your own music into your ads.

A Brief History of Electronic Bands

By definition, electronic bands are musical groups that use electronic musical instruments and technology as opposed to traditional acoustic instruments (or “real” instruments). The sounds these instruments make can be incredibly varied and range from realistic sounding guitars and drums (e.g., Daft Punk) to super-futuristic synthesizers (e.g., Kraftwerk).

There really is no better way to advertise your car than with music. The main reason for this is that the majority of car advertising is completely forgettable. Very little can be done to make an ad stand out, but a classic tune or an awesome new track can keep people talking about an advert after it’s finished.

We all want to be in on the next big thing and the best music, so when a new song comes out and is used in a car advert we’re more likely to like it because it’s new and exciting.

There are certain songs that only become good when you hear them in a car advert.

I can’t listen to the song ‘The Passenger’ by Iggy Pop without hearing the voice of John Hannah and seeing the Mercedes-Benz A-Class car jumping off ski-jump ramps.

Likewise, when I hear ‘Song 2’ by Blur, I can’t help but visualise a VW Beetle being driven along some dusty desert roads. And whenever I hear ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ by The Verve, it brings back memories of watching an Audi 80 cruising down some empty streets as night turns to day.

And so it goes on, there are tonnes of songs which have become intrinsically linked to cars and car advertising. Some songs fit so well that they end up becoming almost tailor-made for particular cars or brands. Here are a few more examples…

What do you have to have in a song to make it great for a car advert? First of all, you need a good beat and a catchy tune. But there’s more than that. Because the audience is unique. It’s not just people listening on the radio at home or in their cars, it’s also people watching ads on TV while they’re doing something else. It has to grab them even though they’re distracted.

So if you want to write a song for an advert, think about what makes your favourite adverts so memorable. Here are some things that make me think “yes, this is an amazing car advert” when I see them:

1) The music fits the visuals perfectly

2) The lyrics tell the story of the ad

3) The emotions the song conveys match or enhance those portrayed visually

Tired of hearing overplayed singles on the radio? Want to discover some new artists that you can listen to while driving? Here are 10 bands that are perfect for the road.

1) The Black Keys

Since their inception in 2001, The Black Keys have been steadily growing in popularity thanks to their infectious blues-rock sound. They have released nine albums in their career, and every one of them is worth listening to.

2) Silversun Pickups

Formed in 2002, this American alternative rock band, which has released three albums so far, is known for its unique sound and energetic live performances.

3) Portugal. The Man

This indie-rock band from Alaska has released five albums since forming in 2004. Portugal. The Man’s sound combines elements of psychedelic rock, indie rock and electronic music.

4) Two Door Cinema Club

This Irish indie rock band formed in 2007, and has released two albums so far. Their upbeat songs are great for road trips with friends, especially if you’re all singing along to the hits!

The best electronic bands of the past 20 years

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