5 Ways EDM Is Shaping a New Generation

In an age where young people are constantly starting new genres, producers and artists are finding it harder to get their music recognized. With the rise of electronic dance music, more and more people are being influenced by the sound of contemporary electronic music. From festivals like Ultra to local warehouse parties, young people are finding the EDM scene to be a safe place to be themselves and enjoy the music they love. Here are five ways that EDM is shaping a new generation:

1. Young people find comfort in raves because they can be themselves without judgement or criticism.

2. They find that the community and its members are accepting of who they are as a person.

3. EDM producers use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share their work with other producers and fans. They also use Soundcloud to upload their music so that other DJs can hear their sound as well as using online forums like Reddit to get feedback from others on their work.

4. Producers have created a subculture around electronic dance music called “EDM Culture”: this includes things like wearing headbands (called “plur”) while dancing at concerts for hours straight without stopping or taking breaks for water breaks etc…

5. Producers use social media (Facebook/

EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, is an ever-growing genre that has taken the world by storm over the last few years. Hundreds of millions of people have flocked to the genre, and there are hundreds upon hundreds of new songs and remixes being released every single day.

Although some people don’t view EDM as music, it’s a very unique genre that’s produced some incredible music over the last several decades. It’s also a genre that’s constantly changing, with new sounds and styles surfacing every day.

Take a look at 5 ways EDM has shaped a new generation of listeners.

1. A whole new way to listen to music

With the rise of Soundcloud, and other platforms like Mixcloud and YouTube, young people now have so many more options when it comes to listening to music on their phone or computer. That means they can listen to entire mixes, remixes, and hour-long live sets from their favorite artists without having to purchase an album!

2. A new way to experience live music

A lot of young people get their start in live music through EDM festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival or Ultra Music Festival. These festivals have million dollar stages with mind-blowing lasers and lights that make for an incredibly

Here are five ways EDM is shaping a new generation of music consumers.

1. EDM is the new rock and roll

Rock and roll has been the dominant form of popular music for over 60 years. It’s hard to imagine a world where rock and roll doesn’t exist, but with each passing year it becomes increasingly clear that this world is coming sooner than expected. EDM is young, diverse, and intelligent (except maybe Skrillex), making it the perfect candidate to become the next mainstream musical force.

2. More people have access to music-making technology than ever before

There was once a time when getting your hands on a recording studio or even an instrument was too expensive for most musicians. Nowadays, you can record an entire song on your smartphone, then post it online for millions of people to hear immediately afterwards. This has resulted in an explosion of incredible new music from people who would otherwise not be able to share their creativity with the world. Of all the genres out there, EDM seems to take most advantage of these technological advancements, as producers are able to create entire songs in digital programs without a band or an audience.

3. Live music is more important than ever before

One of the coolest things about EDM is that

The electronic dance music industry is currently a $6.9 billion dollar industry and growing. The genre has been around for decades but it’s now crossing over into the mainstream with more and more celebrities embracing the culture. Electronic dance music is shaping a new generation of music listeners by expanding their minds to new sounds and pushing them out of their comfort zones.

Here are five ways how EDM is shaping a new generation:

1) EDM allows young people to experiment with drugs in a safe environment – Many young people experiment with drugs at parties, concerts, festivals and raves. While some may see this as a negative, many young people feel that these environments are safe places where they can try different drugs without the fear of being arrested or labeled as a criminal. In many instances, these events become life changing experiences for many people.

2) EDM helps listeners understand that there is more to music than just lyrics – Some of the most undiscovered genres of electronic dance music have no lyrics. This forces listeners to actually listen to the beat, rhythm and melodies in order to truly enjoy a song. A lot of fans feel that it’s hard to listen to a song and truly understand what they’re saying in the lyrics but with EDM, you don’t

Five years ago, I was in my high school’s parking lot waiting for my mom to pick me up when I saw a girl I hadn’t talked to since elementary school. It had been years, and yet she immediately recognized me. “OMG!” she said. “You’re the deadmau5 girl!”

I had no idea what that meant, but I laughed and shrugged it off anyway. “Yeah,” I said, “I guess so.”

Later that night, I Googled deadmau5. He was a DJ/producer who produced electronic dance music (EDM). And as one of the very first EDM artists I ever listened to, he was a big part of why I fell in love with the genre.

Ever since then, EDM has become an integral part of my life. When I’m happy and excited about something, I play EDM. When I’m at work and need to focus on something tedious and repetitive, like writing up a research paper or studying for finals, I put on some EDM.

It’s not just me either: EDM is becoming more popular every year with younger generations! According to Forbes, the average age of an EDM fan is 22 years old. So why are

1. EDM is the new pop

EDM has become widely accepted as a genre to listen to in the mainstream crowd. EDM producers and DJs are becoming the new age rockstars of the music industry. Electronic Dance Music has become a billion dollar industry over the last few years and it continues to grow at an astonishing pace of 20% per year, according to Forbes. The new generation has proclaimed this genre as their own, giving birth to a new breed of rockstars that include people like David Guetta, Skrillex, Avicii, Daft Punk and many more.

2. A new generation of musicians

This new generation of musicians are not your typical artists that you would find on MTV or VH1. They don’t need multi-million dollar record deals, because their music is downloadable for free on most platforms. The DJ’s, Producers and Remixers have become the most popular artists within this genre. Some of them are even self made millionaires from touring the world playing their music for hundreds of thousands of fans who adore them! It can be said that these artists are changing the face of music with their unique sounds and ideas that have never been heard before.

3. EDM is being taken seriously in the mainstream media


At the end of last year, EDM festivals across the country were selling out faster than ever before. In fact, the Los Angeles Times reported that Coachella’s 2013 lineup “was a turning point for electronic dance music in America.”

Many producers and DJs have hit the mainstream in recent years, but what is really driving this trend? Is it simply a fad or is EDM here to stay?

While there are many factors that contribute to this phenomenon, we believe social media has played a huge role in shaping EDM culture and society as a whole. There are five key ways that social media has influenced EDM today:

1. Social Media Has Revolutionized Distribution & Accessibility

2. Producers Are Connecting With Fans Like Never Before

3. New Artists Have a Platform To Break Into The Industry

4. Social Media Has Created A Sense Of Community Among Fans

5. Social Media Has Led To The Entitization Of Electronic Music

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