Top 5 Heavy Synth Metal Artists

The top five heavy synth metal artists are a pretty broad topic. There are hundreds of great bands out there who use synths and/or are very heavy. The first thing that comes to my mind is the band Fear Factory; they have been using synths for years and have always been one of my favorite bands. However, I thought about it more and came up with 5 lesser known bands that fit the bill for this blog post.

1) Black Light Burns – A side project of Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit, this band was put together four years ago. They use heavy guitar riffs, hard drums, some growling vocals and plenty of synths in their music. They are very similar to Nine Inch Nails but with a little more edge to them.

2) Tech N9ne – This rapper isn’t exactly what you would call “heavy”, however he has a style that is very dark and energetic at the same time with plenty of synthesized beats. His lyrics tend to be on the aggressive side as well, so I decided to include him in this list because his style fits into what I am talking about here.

3) Coal Chamber – Another band that uses vocals as well as some keyboards in their songs, they

As a huge fan of heavy synth metal, I would like to share my top 5 favorite artists with you.

5: Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria is an English rock band from York, North Yorkshire. Founded in 2008 when Ben Bruce (lead guitar) contacted his old comrades after moving back to England and reunited the band, their debut album was released on September 15, 2009. Since then they have released 3 more albums and are currently working on their 5th.

As a band they have gone through many different phases with several members leaving and joining the band as well as a break up period where it seemed like the group would never tour or make music together again. Thankfully however, that isn’t the case.

4: Linkin Park

Linkin Park was formed in Agoura Hills, California, in 1996 by Mike Shinoda (vocals, keyboards), Brad Delson (guitar), and Rob Bourdon (drums). The three attended high school together and became friends. After graduating from high school, the three began to take their musical interests more seriously, recruiting Joe Hahn (DJ) and Dave “Phoenix” Farrell (bass) to complete the line-up.

They officially named themselves Lincoln Park as they were all big

As a lifelong fan of heavy metal, I have always been fascinated by the amount of genres that the subculture has to offer. It is amazing to me that music that is so aggressive in nature can be split up and categorized into a number of different classifications.

One of the most prominent genres within heavy metal is called “Synth Metal”. It is called this because it relies heavily on synthesized sound to produce its sound. It has become incredibly popular in recent years and it currently has a large following.

Below I have compiled a list of my top 5 favorite Synth Metal artists.

For those that don’t know, Synth Metal (Synth Rock) is a genre of music that combines heavy metal with electronic music. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I’m not an expert on the topic by any means, but I do know some of my favorite artists that I can share with you guys.

The top 5 bands/artists are:

1. Celldweller

2. Blue Stahli

3. Powerglove

4. MegaDriver

5. Megaherz

Synth Metal is a relatively new genre of music in the world. Its comprised of many different elements from various genres including rock, metal, punk, pop and electronic dance music (EDM). It has an overall uplifting tone that could make even the most depressed person happy.

Synth Metal is similar to EDM. It has a lot of heavy bass and is also very loud. It uses many different instruments including synthesizers, guitars, drums and vocals. The lyrics are often about love, death or war with some references to politics or religion.

The genre was created in 2008 by the band “The Prodigy”. Their first album was called “Dance Music” and it featured songs like “Voodoo People”, “Firestarter” and “No Good”. They have since released several other albums including “Invaders Must Die” (2009), “The Day Is My Enemy” (2014) and most recently “The Fat Of The Land” (2017).

The article was written by me, and includes a brief description of what I think is great about each one. I also included some examples of their music.

The article was written in 2014, so it’s out of date now, but I still think it’s good.

Synthesizers in heavy metal music have been around since the 70’s. They are responsible for the signature sound of music in that time period.

Synthesizers were used to create the guitar sounds, while a real guitar was used to create a keyboard sound. The first synthesizer created was by Robert Moog in 1964. His invention was called the Minimoog. Synthesizers have been used for all types of music, but are most commonly heard in rock, jazz, pop, and hip hop music.

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