Top 5 Best Dancer Choreographers

Top 5 Best Dancer Choreographers: A blog about the top choreographers in Indie Electronic Music.

1) Ryan Heffington

Ryan Heffington is a Los Angeles based choreographer and dance instructor. He has worked with artists such as Sigur Ros, Sia, The Foo Fighters, MGMT and many more. Ryan is known for his ability to produce emotionally compelling pieces that are incredibly well-crafted and full of personality. His use of costumes and set design are also extremely innovative and original. He was the 2014 MTV VMA’s Best Choreographer Winner for his work with Sia’s Chandelier video.

The Top 5 Best Dancer Choreographers: A Blog about the top choreographers in Indie Electronic Music.

This list is for those who love electronic music and want to know who the best dancer choreographers are currently working in the indie electronic music scene. There are many great dancers out there, but these are by far my personal favorites!

The top five best dancer choreographers in indie electronic music today:

1.My favorite choreographer of all time- is a woman named Ami Shibuya. She has worked with some big names such as The Knife, Fever Ray and CSS. Her style differs greatly from most other dancers because she doesn’t use traditional dance moves or techniques; instead she uses her body as an instrument through which sound can be produced. What I like about her work is how she’s able to convey emotion through movement while still maintaining an air of professionalism at all times (even when dancing).

2.My second favorite choreographer- is another female dancer named Rachel Tess. She has worked with some big names such as Flying Lotus, Bonobo, and Kode9 just to name a few. Her style differs greatly from most other dancers because she doesn’t use traditional dance moves or techniques either; instead she uses her body as an instrument

I was thinking about writing a blog on my favorite choreographers in the Indie Electronic music scene. I have been unable to find any good articles on who is doing some of the best work in this genre. I wanted to compile a list of some of my favorites and hope that others would chime in with their favorites as well.

I will start by listing my top 5 favorite choreographers, but please, add your favorite dancers or choreographers you know about. Lets spark a discussion and get some more people interested and following the Indie Electronic scene. I think it has the potential to be a very powerful force in the near future.

As a professional dancer, I want to share my knowledge of Indie Electronic Music and the top five people who choreograph dance videos. I hope you enjoy!

There are many choreographers in the indie electronic music genre. Due to the fact that the industry is expanding with more producer-DJs who create their own music and perform it live, there has been a growing demand for dancers. There are many talented dancers out there and many of whom have also had a chance to showcase their talent by working together with other artists. I am going to list my top 3 choreographers that I feel deserve recognition for their unique styles and achievements in their respective fields.

Choreographer 1: Kiel Tutin

Kiel Tutin is best known for his work on “The Night” by Skrillex, which received over 12 million views on YouTube. He has also worked with various other producers such as Zedd, Marshmello, Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland just to name a few. His style of dance is very unique as he combines elements from hip hop/street dance culture with modern contemporary techniques such as ballet or jazz. This makes him stand out amongst other choreographers because most people associate dancing only with one genre whereas Kiel breaks the boundaries by incorporating different styles into his work which gives him an edge over others in terms of versatility.”

Silas Durocher is a choreographer from Montreal with the group “Chromeo”. He started dancing at the age of 16 in his high school in the suburbs of Montreal. He started to make a name for himself in 2012 when he was hired by Chromeo to do their live shows. Although they had one of the best light shows of any electronic act, they felt like they needed more than just lights. They needed some dancers as well. Silas was able to deliver and has since been working with Chromeo on all of their tours.

The second best Indie Electronic music dancer is Gabe Dumount. He was born into a family that was always into dance. His grandfather and father were both famous dancers who traveled around the world doing shows and competitions. Gabe started dancing at a very young age, learning from his grandfather and father’s teachings. He eventually moved to Paris where he studied for many years before becoming a choreographer for French house music artists such as Kavinsky, Sebastien Tellier, M83, and Lifelike.

The third best Indie Electronic Music dancer is Marlon Hoffstadt from Berlin. Marlon has worked with artists such as Moderat, Dixon, Jackmaster, Four Tet, Floating Points and many others. He has been

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