How To Make Electronic Music? A blog around electronic composer tips, tricks and helpful resources.

How To Make Electronic Music? A blog around electronic composer tips, tricks and helpful resources.




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Making music is not a mystery. It’s a process. A methodical process of learning the tools and techniques that will allow you to produce the results you’re after in your finished tracks. The methods include: setting goals, practicing and prepping, creating ideas, arranging your track, mixing and more. In this article you will learn how this process works and how to use it to create music faster.

On the last article, we talked about the best music software for electronic musicians. In this article, I am going to talk about some useful tips when you are composing your music. Whether you are a professional or amateur, I am sure that these tips will help you in the future.

Making a melody

Before you start making a melody, you have to know what kind of genre you want to do. Do you want to make techno? Or house? Or ambient? You have to remember that each genre has different complexities and standards.

After you decide your genre, then it is time for you to think of an instrument that can be used as your main instrument in your melody. For example, if you want to make house music with piano as your main instrument, then choose piano or electric piano as your main instrument.

If you are done choosing your main instrument, maybe now it is time for you to create a basic pattern of your melody. Your pattern is basically the recurring theme of your song which is repeated over and over again along with other instruments.

I was just asked by a friend how to start making electronic music, after having bought a computer and some speakers. I thought it would make for an interesting post. As most of you probably know, I started out as a composer before becoming a software developer. At the time I was lucky enough to have a very good professor who taught me in great detail how to use the then state-of-the-art tools and processes to create electronic music.

In this post I will try to give you the basics of what we learned back then, as well as some tips on what is available today.

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Electronic musicians compose and produce music using computers and other electronic devices. They use a variety of different software programs to compose, edit, mix and master their music. Electronic musicians are typically highly skilled at both playing an instrument and using a computer. Aspiring musicians in this field must understand the basics of musical composition, composition software and the fundamentals of sound engineering.

Electronic musicians use computers and software to create their music. Some electronic musicians use a single workstation program, like Ableton Live or GarageBand, which is capable of composing, mixing and mastering. However, most use several different programs at once to complete these tasks. A musician may write the basic melody on a piano keyboard in Ableton Live, then run it through a virtual synthesizer plug-in in Ableton before finally mixing it with other tracks in Logic Pro. Some musicians combine many different programs together during the production process.

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To record your own music, you need to get some musical instruments and musical knowledge. You can learn the basics of music theory online or by taking lessons from a teacher. Practice playing scales on your instrument of choice, reading sheet music, and recording your playing so that you have something to work with when you start writing songs. After you’ve practiced, try writing a song using an instrument or computer program that allows you to make a beat and record other instruments on top of it. Once you have the basics down, start working on more advanced techniques like learning how to improvise and building your vocal range.

If you don’t have access to recording software, try using an audio editing app for your phone. Many apps allow you to record yourself singing or playing an instrument and then edit what you’ve recorded. Some apps also include features like a virtual keyboard or drum machine that can help you write songs or practice playing along with a beat.

You will need:

A musical instrument

Music theory knowledge

Recording software (optional)

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