The Top 5 Tips for Indie Bands Who Want To Get Signed And Succeed

The Top 5 Tips for Indie Bands Who Want To Get Signed And Succeed: A blog about how you can get noticed by music producers or companies.

For those that don’t know, an indie band is a band that is not associated with a major record label. They are independent, hence the name “indie.” There is no real definition of what an indie band is as it means different things to different people:

1. Some bands are signed to a small label and consider themselves indie, others are unsigned bands and consider themselves indie.

2. The term can either mean a genre of music itself (like punk, pop, etc) or it can simply mean not signed to a major label (like EMI).

To make it simple, I will use the second definition–the one that focuses on being unsigned–as it’s more relevant to the topic of this article: how to get signed to a major record label.

Tips for Indie Bands Who Want To Get Signed, And Succeed.

The music industry has changed dramatically over the last decade and today it’s easier than ever to get your music out there and seen by big record labels.

However, it does become a little more difficult when you don’t have a huge budget for PR and marketing to get your music heard by the right people. So here are our top 5 tips for indie bands who want to get signed, and succeed!

1) You need to be able to put on a great live show – If you’re going to get noticed you’ve got to show what you’re made of. Remember: The label won’t be interested if they can’t see you bringing in the fans or being able to play a great live show.

2) You need a good online presence – This means getting yourself on as many social media platforms as possible, like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (to name only a few).

3) You need quality songs – Your songs have got to be good enough that people will listen more than once. Songwriting is an art form which takes years of practice so don’t expect overnight success!

4) You need awesome branding – Having an awesome logo is essential if you want people to

This is a blog with tips on how to get noticed by music producers or companies. My blog has 6 pages, the first 5 are tips and the last page is a contact page where readers can contact me with questions. When readers click on a tip they will see a page explaining how to do what the title says.

I know that my target audience is musicians who want to start making money off of their music. I also hope that people who are not musicians will find it interesting and read it. I think that I wrote in an informal way that readers will enjoy.

The top 5 tips:

• Have a Good Band Name

• Have Different Sounds in Your Music

• Take Your Time on Your Songs

• Get to Know Music Producers

• Be Unique!

If you want your band to be noticed then you must have a good sound. You will also need someone in the music industry to help you, such as a music producer. You can find out how to get noticed and succeed in this blog.

1. Your Band Name

The first thing you have to do is think of a great band name. Some advice:

Use a name that is easy to remember and make sure it’s not too long.

Make sure the URL to your band’s website is available, as well as the names of your social networking pages. If not, keep thinking!

You don’t need to use a “clever” or punny name. Be original but also be smart about it.

Don’t call yourself The _____ unless you’re the only band with that name (see The Beatles). Otherwise, you will get lost in the noise.

2. Your Brand and Your Image

If you’re going to get noticed by music producers or companies, you need to look professional from the start. That means:

Make sure your logo/band name looks good on anything and everything (t-shirts, stickers, posters, etc.). It should be easily recognizable and simple enough that it can be printed in any size without losing quality.

Have a consistent color palette for all your art (album covers, posters, t-shirts). This helps people recognize your brand instantly. I recommend picking 2-3 colors and sticking with them for everything. Remember: the less colors

Bands often get signed because of their sound, but labels have been known to drop bands once they have them if the music doesn’t sell. The most important thing you can do is write good songs and perform them well.

Make Sure You Have Something To Offer.

Your band should be unique. If you are doing the same thing as everyone else, it will be harder to get noticed.

Be Able To Perform Live.

Music producers want to see how well you play live, so even if you’re not a great singer (although some people do like that), make sure you can play your instruments well.

Network! Network! Network!

The best way to get signed is to meet the right people in person. Make sure you know who is running the label that you want to sign with and approach them directly or through someone they know.

Network With Other Artists In Your Genre.

Get to know other bands in your genre. If they like your music, they may give you an opening at a gig or ask you on tour with them or even recommend you to their label! It is also a good chance for you to meet new people and form new relationships for future gigs and tours.

1. Be original!

We know this can be tough. But to stand out in this market you need to offer something different. If you’re a band that sounds like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, unless your bass player is married to a Kardashian and has his own reality show, don’t bother. The same goes for bands that sound like Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Oasis etc. Also, a big thing we’ve noticed recently is how many bands are out there that sound like Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers. Any band that sounds like them will just get lost in the pile. Don’t give up if you sound like these bands though! It’s not impossible to get signed if you do, but what you’ll need to do is make sure the music is amazing – so good that it’s worth taking a risk on. Your lyrics will also have to be outstanding! That’s not just us saying that either – it was said by one of the biggest A&R men in the business when he came on our radio show last month: “If you’re going to be one of many similar bands, then make sure your songs are better than everyone else’s.”

2. Be yourself!

When we say be yourself,

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