The Best Breakbeat of the Week

A blog with a new track to download every week.

My name is Renato Lopes and I’m a DJ/Producer.

I’ve been producing music for 9 years now and I still enjoy it like if it was the first time.

This is my newest project, which consists of sharing my favorite track of the week that has a breakbeat rhythm with you guys.

I hope you enjoy it!

One of the most consistent breakbeat sites out there, Breakzlinkz is updated daily with new tracks and remixes from some of the biggest names in the progressive house and breaks scene. You’ll find tracks from Shimon, Adam Freeland, Stanton Warriors, General Midi and many other big names.

We love electronic music. All kinds of electronic music. So we started Breakbeat Paradise Recordings in 2008, to get a chance to release our favorite kind of music – in particular breakbeats and breakbeat-inspired tunes.

We have released tracks by BBP’s own artists such as the Legendary 1979 Orchestra, The Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP, DJ Wood and more, as well as tracks by other artists like Featurecast, Redline, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip and many more.

In 2012 BBP started releasing more frequently also on other formats such as vinyl and digital albums with the release of The Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP’s “The Art Of Breaking”.

Our releases can be found on all major online stores like iTunes, Amazon etc., but we also have our own little online store where you can buy all our releases directly from us.

If you are an artist wanting to submit your music for consideration for a future BBP release, please visit our Submit Your Music page.

There’s no question that the internet has made it easier for music fans to explore new genres. It’s a whole lot simpler to track down new music online, and you can do so without paying a single cent. The flip side of that coin is that it’s also easier for artists to get their music into the hands of listeners. Musicians and industry professionals sometimes describe this as “the long tail” – the idea that independent and lesser-known artists can now reach a worldwide audience.

I’m not convinced that this has really happened. It’s certainly true that niche genres are thriving, but the vast majority of music still comes from a small number of very successful acts. In other words, it seems we may have traded one kind of pop culture monopoly for another.

So why doesn’t everyone know about these niche genres? If they’re so good, shouldn’t they be more popular? And if they are popular, why haven’t they broken into the mainstream?

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