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The remix contest is an ongoing concept in the electronic music community. The idea is simple: a producer creates a remix of his/her own track and then releases it to be remixed by other producers. The best remixes are then selected to appear on an EP, usually released by the original producer, which contains all of the best remixes and some other tracks, including the original mix.

The remix contest has been used for many years as a way for producers to get their music out there and reach new audiences. A good remix can be picked up by record labels and make it onto a compilation CD or even become a hit song. It can also gain you a reputation as a talented musician who can turn out interesting interpretations of other people’s songs.

In this blog post I will cover how to make your own free electronic music and submit it to remix contests.

Free electronic music is a big part of the internet. It is made by fans and musicians alike, and it can add to or change the original track entirely. A remix contest is an event in which a group of producers or fans remix a song and submit their work to be judged. The winner takes home prizes such as money, merchandise and free samples.

We are holding a remix contest for the tracks on our new album ‘Karma’. You can download them here. Once you have downloaded the stems, put together your track and send it to us using the form below. If you have any questions please use the contact form in the menu above.

We are very excited to announce our new remix contest. We welcome you to participate in this fun, free and exciting competition. The winner will be announced in a few months.

Here is what you have to do:

You need to create your own remix. You can use any sound or sample as long as it’s not somebody else’s work and you can legally use it.

The Remix should be submitted in mp3 format, preferably at 320kbps.

The track must be at least 3 minutes long and no longer than 10 minutes.

To submit your track, simply send us an email with the mp3 file attached. Please also include your name and contact information so we can get back to you if you win!

Remixing is a great way of expressing yourself as an artist and sharing your creativity with others. It requires nothing more than some basic knowledge of how music works and a computer to create something that sounds awesome! The best part about remixing is that anyone can do it – even if you don’t know anything about music theory or haven’t played an instrument before.

The deadline for submissions is June 15th 2014 at 11:59pm (EST).

The remix contest that I’ll be hosting will feature my song “Imaginary Friend” off of my album “Homeward Bound”. The contest will begin on June 1st and end on July 1st. Only one winner will be chosen, only one runner up.

The winners will be determined by the most votes from the public. The top voted entry will win a free live performance at any venue of their choosing along with a free download of my entire album Homeward Bound. The runner up will receive a free download of the album Homeward Bound and an official signed copy.

The contest is open to all ages and all countries, so spread the word!

The rules of the contest are simple:

1. Pick one of the songs below and download the mp3.

2. Remix it however you like and create a new mp3 file.

3. Send in your remix by email to, along with your name, age, and location (state/country).

4. We will post all submissions on this blog and make a compilation album of our favorites.

Good luck!

If you are an electronic musician and would like to be featured on our blog please fill out the form below:



Soundcloud link to your track:*

Attachment of mp3 file if possible:

Do you want us to feature the track with a download link? (Link will be uploaded to Soundcloud) Yes No

What Genre is your track? Select All Chillout Dub House / Electro Tech House Techno Trance

Is this track a remix? Yes No

Would you like to do a guest mix for our podcast? Yes No

If yes, please include a link to your mix or send us an email at with your mix attached.

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