Learn German with Electronic Music

Learning German with Electronic Music is a blog about learning the German language and how you can use it in the modern world. Learning a new language as an adult can be difficult, but fun at the same time! You will learn to master the basics of the German language by listening to electronic music and exploring culture in German speaking countries.

If you love electronic music and would like to learn more about the German language, this is the place for you!

Hello, and welcome to Learn German With Electronic Music, a blog about learning the German language and how you can use it in the modern world. My name is Ben, and I have been learning German for over three years now.

I have studied in Germany, I have spoken with Germans from around the world, and I am here to share my story of learning this beautiful language with you.

I find that music helps people learn languages more than anything else. When I was studying in Germany, my host brother took me to his favorite techno club in Stuttgart. It was called Gatsby’s (interesting enough) and we had an amazing time dancing all night long.

In this club I met many interesting people: Germans, Russians, Americans – but also many Dutchmen! They were all very friendly and helped me learn some basic phrases in German. Even though I was only able to say a couple words or phrases when I left, it gave me a boost of confidence and enthusiasm for learning German that has lasted ever since.

I would like to share some of that enthusiasm with you today…

Learn German with Electronic Music is a blog by Gary, which focuses on how you can learn the German language and how you can use it in the modern world. The site includes a wide range of tips and strategies for learning German without a teacher, as well as information about common German phrases, and vocabulary words.

The site is updated regularly, with at least one new post per week. It’s also available in multiple languages, so if English isn’t your native tongue, you may still be able to find something interesting to read.

If you’re interested in learning more about this unique blog, here’s a quick look at some of the topics covered:

I am a self-taught German speaker. I have never been to Germany and have not taken a single German course in my life. The only reason why I speak German is because I fell in love with it at the age of 15 while learning to program on the Commodore 64.

I know it sounds weird, but let me explain. In the 80ies, I was a huge fan of electronic music…

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