Latest Indie Electronic + Chill EP

You’ll find the latest and greatest in our Indie Electronic + Chill EP. From MGMT to the newest indie band, we’ve got what you’re looking for.”

Chill out with new music from the past week. In this playlist, you’ll find indie electronic and chill tracks by:

– Vysotsky – Runnin

– Anjulie – Criminal

– Muffler Canvas – X-Ray Vision

– Aalto – Five

– Sorrows – Friends Forever (feat. Grouplove)

The latest electronic indie electronic is here! With chill, indie and electronic.

This week’s Indie Electronic contains tracks by FKJ & Masego, Tycho, and more!

Make sure to check the playlist out and stay tuned for next week’s edition of Indie Electronic!

This is the second EP I have put out! It is a 5 track EP which showcases my evolving production style. I have used samples more than ever before and have been experimenting with different genres of music. The first track, “Fell For You” is a future bass track that has a mellow vibe to it. The second track “Moonlight” is an indie electronic chill-step song that has some really cool vibes. The third track is called “The Ocean” and is a hip-hop inspired electronic song that has some dark undertones. The fourth song, “Stars”, is an iconic indie electronic song that has a lot of energy to it. The last song, “Fireflies”, is the most experimental track I have ever released, and it features some cool samples and fresh melodies. Hope you guys enjoy!

A chill and refreshing mix of Indie Electronic and Indie Alternative. Featuring artists such as Mura Masa, Odesza, Flume, and more. This playlist is updated frequently, so be sure to check back for new music!

Cinematic and dynamic indie electronic with a positive mood. The track has a high energy level, a driving rhythm and optimistic melodies.

The track is made in the style of modern electronic music.

In the track you can hear such instruments as: electronic drums, acoustic drum kit, bass guitar, synth pads, synth leads, percussion.

Best tracks for video on the theme: sport and active lifestyle, travel, adventure, youth and fun, cars and speed.

Electronic music is an umbrella term for the various forms of electronic-based styles of music, including those that are created primarily with electronic musical instruments and sounds or digitally based production.

Electronic music has been around for decades and today its popularity continues to grow. The genre has now expanded to many different types of music that all have roots in traditional electronic sounds. Electronic dance music (EDM) has now become one of the most popular genres in the world.

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