How Are Laser Hair Removal and Electrology Different? laser hair removal and electrology is a different type of hair removal for you to know about.

Laser hair removal and electrology are two different methods of hair removal. Both of them are permanent and their results may vary from person to person.

Electrology is a long established method for removing unwanted hair. It was first introduced in the early 1900s and is still used today. The process involves using an electric current “zapper” to destroy the growth center of the hair follicle. This zapper is inserted into a needle which is later inserted into the hair follicle through the skin. Once inside, it destroys the growth cells with an electric current.

The second type of laser hair removal is called electrology and it uses light energy “lightbulbs” to destroy the growth cells instead of electricity. The lightbulbs do not have any effect on the surrounding skin tissue, but they do destroy the growth center of the hair follicle.

Both types of laser hair removal are effective if used properly but they have a few drawbacks as well. One drawback is that they can take a while to show results and you may need more than one session to get optimum results. Another drawback is that they can be expensive especially if you have a large area to be treated. In addition, both types can cause scarring if used improperly or too frequently (more than

Electrolysis became the preferred hair removal method by many in the early 1900’s. This method uses a needle that is inserted into each individual hair follicle. The needle is used to zap an electric charge that destroys the follicle. This process is repeated over and over again until all of the desired hair has been removed.

Laser hair removal was approved by the FDA around 1997 after several years of research. This type of hair removal uses beams of highly concentrated light that are pulsed into the hair follicles. The dark pigment in the follicles absorbs the light which then destroys the hair.

Both procedures are proven to be effective for removing unwanted hair. However, there are some differences between laser hair removal and electrology.

Electrology requires a series of treatments in order to achieve permanent results, while laser hair removal can typically be completed with a few treatments over time. Laser hair removal treatments also require less time than electrolysis treatments do, which means you get to spend less time in the doctor’s office getting your unwanted hairs removed!

Laser technology is constantly being improved so there are more options available to those looking for laser hair removal treatments today than there have been in recent years past. Additionally, laser technology is becoming more affordable because it is so

The parallels between laser hair removal and electrology are greater than the differences, but there are a few key differences that you should know about before deciding on one or the other.

Both laser hair removal and electrology use a form of energy to stop your body from producing hair in the treated areas. Electrology uses heat energy to damage the hair follicles and prevent future growth, while laser hair removal uses light energy to achieve the same effect.

Laser hair removal is faster, more comfortable and less painful than electrology. However, it is also more expensive, requires more sessions and is less effective on all skin tones.

Electrology is slower, can be painful and requires more sessions for complete results. However, it is less expensive than laser hair removal, can be used on all skin tones and is never affected by changes in your natural hormones or medications you take during your treatment course.

The end result of both laser hair removal and electrology is permanent hair loss in treated areas, but each method has its own pros and cons.

Laser hair removal and electrology are both safe and permanent hair removal methods. Both methods are slightly different. Laser hair removal relies on light energy and is less effective on grey hairs. Electrology is a more invasive method that uses electrical currents to eliminate unwanted hair. Both methods of hair removal are considered safe and permanent solutions to removing unwanted body hair.

Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal process has become popular over the past few years with many salons and medical spas now offering the service. The treatment is used to get rid of unwanted hair by using a beam of intense pulsating light (IPL). It is considered permanent because it causes damage to the follicle, which inhibits future growth by as much as 95%. It works best for people who have darker colored hairs, such as brown or black, not gray or blonde hairs. The laser can be used on almost any part of the body including underarms, legs, upper lip, chin and bikini area.


Electrolysis is another permanent method for eliminating unwanted body hair that works for people with all types of skin and body hairs. It is also a more invasive procedure than laser hair removal because it inserts a needle into the follicle and then sends an electrical current through

Electrolysis and laser hair removal are both forms of permanent hair removal, but they work in very different ways. The hair removal results you can expect from each and the cost of each depends on your skin type, hair type and the area of the body being treated. You’ll want to talk with a doctor or electrologist about which method is right for you.

Electrolysis: Hair By Hair

Electrolysis uses an epilator machine that inserts a needle into each individual hair follicle to destroy it. This method works on all skin types and hair textures and can be done on any part of the body except inside the nose and ears.

Laser hair removal and electrolysis are two methods of permanent hair removal. Both procedures eliminate unwanted hair by targeting the hair follicle. Both methods are effective, but they differ in the process they use to target the follicle and destroy it.

Electrolysis destroys the follicle with a tiny needle that emits an electric current. Laser hair removal destroys hair with a laser beam. The laser targets the pigment in the follicle, so this method works best on people with dark hair and fair skin. Laser electric hair removal works best for people who have light skin and dark hair. Because both procedures destroy the follicle, neither can be used on eyelashes, eyebrows or inside of the nose.

Electrolysis and laser hair removal are two hair removal methods. But, how do you know which one you should choose? Many people are confused about the differences between these two procedures. This article will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

One of the main differences is that electrolysis permanently removes unwanted hair by destroying the hair follicle with a small amount of heat. Laser hair removal only destroys the root and doesn’t remove it permanently. Although laser hair removal can be a very effective way of removing hair, it still requires maintenance treatments to keep unwanted hair from growing back.

It’s also important to know that laser hair removal is not a good option for everyone. If you have light skin with dark hairs, then this procedure may work well for you. But if your skin is fair with dark hairs, then this procedure may not work for you at all and you’ll need to look into another method of removing unwanted hair. Finally, if you have white or gray hairs, then laser treatment won’t be effective at all and will probably just take more time than electrolysis would take.

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