Kamikaze Records Label Of The Month March

Kamikaze Records has been running since around 2000 and has quickly become one of the most respected German electronic music labels.

The label has been run by DJ Valium since it’s inception and is based in Hamburg. It mainly releases hardcore techno, house and trance but can cater for more styles of music as well.

There are a number of sub labels which include: Kamikaze Digital, Kamikaze Hardcore, Kamikaze Hardstyle, Kamikaze House, Kamikaze Progressive and Kamikaze Trance.

In 2005 they released their first CD compilation titled “Kamikaze Records – The Album”. This was followed up in 2007 with the release of their second compilation album titled “Kamikaze Records – The Album 2”.

Kamikaze Records is a German electronic music label founded by producer and DJ, Benga, in 2007. The label has released music from artists such as Subscape, Coki and Hot City. Benga first came to the public’s attention when he won the DMC World Championships at the age of 16. He then went on to appear on both Mary Anne Hobbs’s Breezeblock show and Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show. In 2006, Benga began producing dubstep with Skream and together they released their first album “The Big Apple”.

Kamikaze Records’ first release was Benga’s single “Crunked Up” in 2007, followed by the “Night/Baltimore Clap” single by Subscape in 2008. The label then released Benga’s debut album “Diary of an Afro Warrior”, which hit number one on the iTunes dance chart and was nominated for Best Album at the Dubstepforum Awards. He also released another single with Coki called “Night”, which spent three weeks at number one on the UK Dance Chart. In 2009, Kamikaze Records signed Hot City to release singles such as “Pussyole (Old Skool)” and “Love Me So”.

Kamikaze Records is a brand new Drum & Bass label based in Germany. In this article, we give you the details about their releases and future plans.

Kamikaze Records is a brand new Drum & Bass label from Germany. We are always on the lookout for the freshest sounds, ranging from liquid to tech-funk tunes. Our aim is to create a diverse, cutting edge catalogue of music. We are located in Hamburg, Germany and operate worldwide with our network.

We are focusing on providing services to all artists who have signed to our label. A sophisticated distribution system ensures that your music will be available in over 160 different countries within 2 weeks of release date. This means it will be available in all major online stores and streaming services. Plus we make sure you have promotion in top notch quality by working with well established partners like UKF, Liquicity or others!

We plan to release a lot of music in the upcoming months and years while staying true to our philosophy! So keep an eye out for our releases!

The A&R department of the label is usually scouring the internet for new tracks, demos and remix requests. Every Friday we get together with all our staff members to listen to all the new material that has been sent to us during the week. It’s a great way to stay in touch with what’s going on in the scene, and also, it kind of gives us a nice reason to meet up every week. In general I would say that comparing to other labels, we are not too picky when it comes down to signing new artists. We like having a big family and we like being there for people who just started out their career. Of course, in most cases we only release about one single per artist, but that’s just because we would like to keep Kamikaze Records’ sound as varied as possible. We do not want it to become a label known for having one specific sound…

Kamikaze Records is still based in Frankfurt (where I am from) but increasingly more so in Berlin (where my partners live). The Frankfurt scene is big because of Offenbach University and a few clubs in and around Frankfurt, so there are plenty of upcoming talents here – but many already have releases on other labels.

Kamikaze Records is a German electronic music label, releasing the music of artists such as: Hausmeister, Funkwerkstatt, Der Dritte Raum, Daso and many more!

Kamikaze was founded in 1994 by Olaf Dieckmann and Mijk van Dijk as an outlet for their productions as Raumagent Alpha und Mijk. The homebase of the label is Berlin.

All releases are available on CD, LP and download. Kamikaze is distributed worldwide in all good record stores – but also through our web shop. In case you want to order some vinyl or CDs directly from us simply use the email form at contact.

We are always interested in new artists who have something to say musically – please have a look at send demos and get info how to submit demo material.

Please find all necessary info about licenses, copyrights etc. at legal stuff.

In the electronic music field, there are only a few labels that can be defined as iconic. Kamikaze Records is one of them. Founded in 1989 by German DJ and producer Phuture Wax (aka Thomas Schumacher), Kamikaze’s early releases were played worldwide by artists such as Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox and Sven Väth.

Since then, the label has released many classics by Thomas Schumacher himself and other talented artists including Tiefschwarz, Brendon Moeller aka Echologist and recent additions to the label like The Horrorist and Roman Lindau. As a result, Kamikaze Records has become one of the most important techno labels in Europe and continues to release high-quality techno music.

In this interview, we catch up with Phuture Wax about his life so far: from his humble beginnings as an amateur DJ to running his own record label and being one of Germany’s most successful DJs.

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