Experimental Electronic

Experimental Electronic is a blog around electronic music and the artists that are inventing it. We aim to be a resource for those who are interested in learning more about this music, as well as a place to discover new artists, labels, and ideas.

Experimental Electronic is not an electronic music blog in the sense of Pitchfork or Gorilla vs Bear, that cover the latest releases from established popstars. Neither is it in the sense of Altered Zones or Fluxblog, who cover the latest releases by unknown bedroom popstars. There are already many excellent blogs out there doing these things. Rather than trying to add to their number or compete with them for readership, we want to do something different.

Experimental Electronic is a blog around electronic music and the artists that are inventing it.

The blog operates as a promotional platform for talented people that want to share their creations with the world.

Our aim is to promote the best new music we can find, and be a place where creators can find inspiration and learn from each other.

Above all, we are here to support you in your creative endeavours and hope our community will thrive with your help.

Experimental Electronic is a blog around electronic music and the artists that are inventing it.

Experimental Electronic is edited by Nicolas Nova, founder of Near Future Laboratory and Documedia. He was previously director of the design department at HEAD – Genève.

Near Future Laboratory produces research, experiences, writing and workshops around emerging technologies.

Documedia is a digital media production and consultancy agency based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Experimental Electronic is a website dedicated to electronic music and the artists that are inventing it. Whether you’re into ambient, glitch, drone, noise, microsound, techno or any other form of electronic music: you’ll find something interesting here.

The purpose of this site is to promote lesser known artists and provide them with a platform for their art. Experimental Electronic is a place where you can discover the most interesting releases from artists that are busy developing new sounds.

Experimental Electronic is a blog run by Patrick McNally, an electronic musician and artist who also produces electronic music. The blog aims to provide a space for people to find out about the music they are listening to, and to learn more about the artists who are creating it.

Experimental Electronic is created in conjunction with the Experimental Electronic Listening Party, a weekly event that takes place every Thursday evening at around 6pm PST. Each week, Patrick will host a playlist on his blog which can be downloaded and listened to at the party. The playlist will feature artists who have released new material since the last party and may feature a guest mix from an emerging artist.

Electronic music is a broad field of music which utilizes electronic musical instruments and technology in its production. Electronic music can be entirely produced using audio equipment, or it can be accompanied by live instrumentation.

The more recent styles often fuse elements of other genres into the fold of electronic music, including hip-hop, rock and world music to create hybrid styles. It is also common for traditional instruments to be used in conjunction with electronic equipment, such as electric guitars in AmbiEnt music.

Electronic music encompasses a wide range of musical styles and genres. The term “electronic music” generally refers to any form of dance-oriented techno music (such as Trance). In some cases, however, “electronic” is used to describe other forms of experimental and avant-garde music (such as Ambient).

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