Which Style of the ‘90s Is Coming to Take Over This Year? Our Stud-muffins Share

It’s been a few years now since the ‘90s have officially made their comeback in the fashion world. But it’s not just about your dad’s old flannels and white T-shirts. The ‘90s are a trend that’s here to stay, and as we move into 2018, there are some new styles emerging. We asked our stud-muffins to share what they think is next big thing.

For Natalie, a self-proclaimed 90s Queen Bee, the simple answer is everything! From crop tops to overalls, she says that it’s time to bring back all of your favorite items from the 90s. An affordable way to achieve this look is to thrift shop for some key pieces from the era and incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe.

I know that I personally wore my fair share of plaid flannel shirts in high school, but according to Natalie those flannels aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, she does feel that it’s time for people to make this style their own by exploring more unique color combinations and pairing them with more unexpected items such as tennis skirts or even shoes.

If you love following trends and keeping up with what

In the past few years, the ’90s have been making a serious comeback. The decade was one of the best for alt music, and we’re all about it.

Every year, fashion trends change, and what we like listening to changes as well. Normally, they are pretty similar to each other – but not this year.

The ’90s electronic music is making a serious comeback. In fact, some of our favorite artists are taking their spin on it and creating some awesome remixes that we can’t stop listening to.

We got in touch with all of our stud-muffins during the week to talk all things college life, and were curious what music they’ve been listening to lately.

We found out that all of them have an obsession with ’90s style (duh), but when it comes to music, they’re totally into electronic sounds from the decade.

In the early ‘90s, TLC and Aaliyah were rocking cornrows and the world was introduced to the baggy jeans look, which would take over the next decade. The mid-90’s had grunge-chic and then came the late 90’s, when a new age of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake took over. And now, as we enter 2019, it looks like we’re going back to this era of style.

The ‘90s had iconic fashion trends that we still see today in stores and on runways. The slip dress is one of them. For example, in DKNY 2016 show collection were mainly inspired by the era of the ‘90s. So how do you make this look work in 2019?

The best way to wear the slip dress trend is with a turtleneck under it for a fresh take on this iconic trend. The other way to make this look work is by wearing a slip dress as a top over pants or jeans for an edgy take on this trend. It can also be worn with a sweater over it as well for an easy everyday look.

A huge trend from the ‘90s that has made

The ’90s are back, and it feels so good. With the current resurgence of ‘90s fashion, we’re seeing bike shorts, denim on denim, overalls and more. But what about the music of the ‘90s? Now that most of us have gone digital with our music, it can be hard to find someone who actually owns a cassette player anymore. Plus, you can find virtually any song online these days. So what about electronic music?

If you want to blend your old-school retro style with the latest in technology, check out some of these electronic artists from the ‘90s:

The Prodigy

In 1992, The Prodigy released their first album Experience . This album was filled with classic techno sounds from the early ‘90s. Their second album Music for the Jilted Generation was released two years later in 1994 and featured sounds more similar to those found in rave music. If you want to reminisce about your high school years while still listening to some of today’s top hits , check out The Prodigy’s latest album Invaders Must Die , which was released in 2009.


Autechre is another British electronic band that surfaced during the

You can put electronic music on in the background while you study. It’ll help you concentrate, but it won’t distract you.

The first choice is brainwave entrainment and binaural beats recordings. They are special recordings that play two separate tones of slightly different frequencies in your left and right ears. This causes your brain’s two hemispheres to synchronize and release a new frequency that is related to the difference in the two tones, to create a third tone.

For example, let’s say the left ear receives a tone at 200Hz and the right ear gets 201Hz. The brain will hear a third tone at 1Hz that is called a binaural beat.

If this sounds confusing, don’t worry about it. Just know that brainwave entrainment recordings use binaural beats to help your mind synchronize with specific frequencies and enter different states of consciousness such as:

Alpha state: 8hz-12hz (states of relaxation)

Beta state: 12hz-30hz (normal waking consciousness)

Gamma state: 30hz+ (peak concentration)

If you want to write a shell script but don’t know anything about shell scripting, it will help to understand the basic principles of programming.

My favorite computer language is Python. If I had been asked to choose my favorite language twenty years ago, I probably would have chosen C++, because that’s what everyone in my field was using. But by now I’ve written enough programs in each of a dozen languages that I can no longer remember which ideas came from which language, and instead have a more general sense of what feels like a good idea and what doesn’t.

So I’m not going to say “Python is the best for beginners,” or even “Python is the best.” Not only do I not know what’s best for you, but I might not be able to tell even if I did know.

Instead, here are some general principles that will apply whatever language you pick.

Music is one of the most undervalued resources for studying and concentration. The right kind of music can help you relax your mind which enables you to concentrate better. It also drowns out any background noise that may be distracting you from studying.

Most people prefer listening to classical music when they are studying as it is said to improve brain power. It is also very soothing, however some people find it boring and distracting. In this case, instrumental music can work well too. You will find many instrumental soundtracks from movies or video games that would make good study music.

If you have taken a look at our music for studying playlist on Youtube, you may have noticed that we do not focus on only one genre of music, but rather try to include music that is suited for different situations and tastes. This article along with the playlist will give you a good overview of why we chose these songs, what they are best used for and how they may help you increase your productivity while studying.

There are three main groups of songs in this playlist: classical piano music, instrumental movie soundtracks and electronic study music with alpha brainwave entrainment. Each group has its own characteristics and benefits so I will go through them individually below.

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