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Albums, if they’re any good, take a long time to make. DJ mixes, on the other hand, are like short stories: typically one hour of music created in a few weeks.

So the best electronic album of the year was not an album at all, but a DJ mix: namely Radiohead’s Thom Yorke’s “The Eraser Rmxs.” The next was Nero’s “Welcome Reality” and third was The Chemical Brothers’ “Hanna OST.” I should explain at this point that I’m writing this not as a critic, who is professionally obliged to pretend he knows more than he really does, but as a fan.

I love DJ mixes because they’re more like radio than albums. That may sound strange — why would anyone want their music to be less diverse? But in practice when people listen to their favorite albums they tend to play their favorite songs over and over again. A great DJ mix has no filler; it’s like one long track that you can’t stop playing.

When I listen to an album by someone else I’m always looking for the track or two I can add to my favorites playlist. With a good DJ mix I don’t have to do that; it’s already there.

And because

Although there is no shortage of debate on what constitutes the greatest electronic album, we can nonetheless offer a few suggestions.

The DJ mix is an important part of electronic music culture. A DJ mix includes one or more recorded songs mixed together to create a continuous track. Mixes are usually performed by DJs who use turntables or other record players, as well as a DJ mixer that is plugged into a PA system.**

I’ve been thinking about the modern album, and what an album is for.

A DJ Mix is a hard thing to review. I don’t know how much to judge it on the songs that are in it, because a DJ mix is not just the songs. It’s the transitions between them. It’s how they fit together.

What makes a good DJ mix? The questions I ask myself are: Does this mix have flow? Do I want to listen to it more than once? If I was at a party, would I want someone to play this mix? Would it make me dance?

I’m not sure this mix has flow. Some of the transitions are weird; some of them don’t work that well. But I do want to listen to it again, so something must be working right. The answer, I think, is the obvious one: The songs in this mix are awesome.

I’ve been listening to a lot of electronic music lately and it’s got me thinking about DJ mixes. This is partly because a lot of the electronic music I listen to consists of DJ mixes, and so I like to think about them.

I once asked an artist friend why he was so fascinated by old master paintings. He said that these days nobody paints like that, you can’t even learn how to paint like that, you have to have some weird gift. But if you’re a musician, there’s still hope. You can be a genius if you work hard enough.

So why aren’t there more great DJ mixes? At first glance an interesting mix is just as hard to create as an interesting painting or song. The number of ways for a mix to go wrong vastly exceeds the number of ways for it to go right.

I’ve been a DJ since 1992 and have been working in the music and technology industry for almost a decade. I’m also a huge fan of electronic music and have been listening to it since I was 13.

In my career, I’ve always faced the dilemma of trying to figure out how to best promote my DJ mixes. The problem we face as DJs is that in most cases our work is considered “promotional” and therefore, there are very few places online where we can legally post our tracks or mixes. We can’t just upload our sets to YouTube or SoundCloud, because they’ll be taken down due to copyright issues.

There are some great sites like Mixcloud which allow you to upload your mixes for streaming only, but even then you’re limited in terms of what you can do with those mixes. You can’t download them or share them on social media.

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can create your own website for free using GitHub Pages and Jekyll, a static site generator written in Ruby.

The best electronic album of all time (in my opinion) is a series of DJ mixes by DJ Shadow, Endtroducing….. Endtroducing is a truly amazing work, which combines elements of hip hop and electronica in ways that have never been done before. It is a stunningly creative work, and should be in every MP3 collection!

The Best Electronic Album category was first introduced in 1998, when the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences added a “Dance” category to the Grammys. The award is given for an album that contains at least 51 percent playing time of VOCAL tracks.

The nominees were as follows:

1. Beyoncé – Lemonade

2. David Bowie – Blackstar

3. Justin Bieber – Purpose

4. Drake – Views

5. Sturgill Simpson – A Sailor’s Guide to Earth

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