Dark Electronic Room for Animals

Room for Animals is the second album from electronic artist and producer Dark Electronic. The album features 12 tracks that have a variety of sounds and are very different from each other. The opening track, “Dreams”, has a vocal sample from Tipper Gore saying “There’s no room for animals”. The song starts off with a dark gothic tone, when the beat kicks in it has an industrial feel. It is a really good start to the album and sets up what is to come.

The next track “Madness” has this tribal feel to it with heavy bass lines while the song “Bombshell” is fast paced electronic song that has that high energy feel to it. One of my favorite songs on the album is “Burning Down”, which features vocals by Jody Machine and has this spooky feel to it.

Other standout tracks include “Apocalypse” which features some really cool guitar riffs by Stephen Bishop and then there is “Lovers” which has a more relaxed ambient vibe to it compared to most of the other tracks.

The last track on the album is called “Angel” and it is another slow song, but I

Room for Animals

by Dark Electronic

(released on January 1, 2015)

Review by Tucker Bowen

“I’m not sure how I feel about this one,” is what I said after my first listen of Room for Animals, by the Canadian two-piece Dark Electronic. The album’s first track “Kong” begins with a vocal sample that would make an excellent ringtone, followed by a bassline that is just as annoying as the sample. However, by the end of the track it becomes evident that these samples and sounds are actually quite well-composed. The next track “Panther” depicts an interesting use of stereo panning to create a mysterious effect.

The third track “Chameleon” consists purely of synthesizer pads and guitar picking. In my opinion, this track is the most beautiful on the album. It accurately paints the atmosphere of being in a dark jungle at night when all of the animals come out to hunt and you’re left alone to believe that you’re not safe at all. The guitar melody is haunting and the synthesizer pads are like fog covering everything around you, making you feel isolated from any signs of life. As a guitarist myself, I was impressed with their ability to create such a great sound using only

In a world where electronic music is easily accessible, it’s hard to find a band that doesn’t sound like every other band. Dark Electronic: Room for Animals is an album that dares to be different. It makes you feel like you’re in a dream or a nightmare, but you can’t tell which one. The soundtrack to the most unsettling and beautiful movie of your life, Room for Animals is an album that takes you on a journey and into another realm.

I’m sure by now you’ve been listening to the same type of pop music for so long that you’re losing your mind. Every time the radio plays another song you know the lyrics to, it feels like a black hole is growing in your chest and eating away at your soul. Don’t worry, because this album will give new life to your dying heart. This isn’t just another electronic album with dark beats and little emotional impact; it’s something more than that. It’s as if each track was meticulously crafted in order to destroy all listeners who listen too closely.

The album starts off with track one: “Room for Animals.” This song starts off slow and steady with haunting vocals from lead singer Kate Bush (who I’m sure most people know from her role as Queen Victoria on

Room for Animals by Dark Electronic

Room for Animals is the first album of Dark Electronic, a solo project by [Ricky](https://soundcloud.com/ricky): a talented producer who can fuse together different genres seamlessly in his tracks. Each track has its unique identity and the album as a whole is very well thought through and put together.

The first track: Thinking Of You, is one of my favorites from the album, it’s slow paced beat allows you to feel the music and appreciate its intricacy. The second track: Don’t Leave Me, is a quicker paced track with an interesting bassline that really drives the song forward and makes it quite catchy. My favorite song on this album is Broken Dreams, which features a beautiful guitar melody that really gives this song its own identity and distinguishes itself from other electronic tracks that use guitar samples.

Every song in this album has something special to offer and I can highly recommend listening to them all. If

Featuring a guest spot from the Pet Shop Boys on the album opener “The End of Civilization,” Room for Animals is a dark electronic album with haunting lyrics and an underlying pulse that will keep you dancing all night long.

Dark Electronic is the alter ego of producer Davide Rossi, who has previously worked with artists such as Coldplay, Goldfrapp and Robbie Williams. Here he has created an album that is by turns beautiful and terrifying.

The title track, “Room for Animals,” will have you up in arms about the treatment of animals in factory farms. But don’t worry – dark electronic will carry you away on a journey to another world with his trademark synth beats and eerie vocals.

My favorite track? The club hit “Dreaming of Blood” with its addictive chorus “I only want your body/I don’t really want your soul.”

Room for Animals, the latest full-length release from dark electronic producer Room for Animals (a.k.a. Jarell Perry), is a deeply personal album. The beats are simple, almost monotonous at times, but the take away here is the lyrics and vocals.

Opening track “Permanent” starts off with a soft beat and a floating vocal harmony that reminds one of Imogen Heap. But the lyric “I want this to be permanent” sets the tone for what is to come: an album-long attempt to find love in a world that seems too cold and uncaring to support it.

The second track, “Late Night,” continues this theme with a lyric that seems directed at some mysterious other: “You’re my favorite thing I’ve never had.” The accompanying music video shows Perry in what appears to be a very high-end studio apartment, sitting on top of his bed in front of a wall-sized window that looks out on over what is presumably downtown Los Angeles. It’s clear from both the video and the song’s lyric that Perry feels alienated from society in general (“I think I’m losing my mind / When I leave this room”). This feeling of alienation comes through even more strongly in tracks like “U

I have been a fan of dark electronic music for a long time, and I believe that it is one of the most underrated genres within the music industry. Room for Animals is an album by KAS:ST that is released on Afterlife Recordings. Room for Animals is a great album that can be called “dark” in so many different ways. It has minor melodies, suspenseful sound design, and subtle vocals that make this album great.

Room for Animals features 2 original songs by KAS:ST and 3 remixes by other artists such as Yotto, Edu Imbernon and other artists. The first song on the album is “Love and Death.” This song starts off with a slow tempo beat with a small amount of kick drums that eventually builds up to a very suspenseful drop accompanied by high pitches synth sweeps, deep basses, and airy vocals. The second track on the album, “Darkness,” starts off with an eerie piano melody with short vocal snippets that fade away in the background. Then it transitions into a fast-paced beat with heavy kick drums and a dark bassline in the background. The third track on this album, “The Calling,” starts off with suspenseful sound design followed by dark bass lines and eerie vocals at the

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