5 Unforgettable 90s dance songs a blog talking about various pop, rock and R&B music from the 90s Top 5 Things You’ll Miss If You Dump Cable TV

5 Unforgettable 90s dance songs: a blog talking about various pop, rock and R&B music from the 90s

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It’s no surprise that the 90s were a great time for music. With grunge music making waves, bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam were topping charts around the world. But that was just one part of the music scene, as hip-hop and pop music were also popular during this era. The 90s also saw a large shift in the way we listen to music, as CD sales topped vinyl for the first time ever. And when Napster hit the scene in 1999, it completely changed the way we purchased and listened to our favorite tunes.

From pop hits to classic rock anthems, here are some of the best songs from the 90s.

In Bloom – Nirvana

An alternative rock masterpiece by Nirvana, In Bloom was released on their second studio album Nevermind in 1991. The song was written by Kurt Cobain as a sarcastic comment on people who didn’t understand most of what Cobain sang about in his songs but enjoyed his music nonetheless.

In the 90s, electronic music was finally accepted into the mainstream. Dance and techno music were heard in clubs and bars all around the world, with hits like Rhythm is a Dancer by Snap! Even artists like Michael Jackson and Madonna had electronic elements in their songs.

But there’s a lot more to 90s electronic music than just dance songs. Let’s take a look at some of the top tracks from this decade:

1. Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam (1989)

The first song to ever feature hip-hop artist MC Hammer, Pump Up The Jam is a classic hit that has been used in countless commercials and movies since its release. It’s also one of the most sampled songs of all time, featuring samples from other hit songs such as “I Know You Want Me” by Pitbull and “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga.

2. 2 Unlimited – No Limit (1993)

This song became an international hit, reaching number one in many countries including Australia, Belgium, France and Germany. It also reached number two in the United Kingdom and number six on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart.*

The dance music of the 90s was always a bit weird, but it’s easy to forget just how weird it actually was. We were so young and innocent back then – don’t you remember?

Sure, we’d all been to the rave and enjoyed ourselves immensely as we danced the night away in our baggy clothes and bright trainers but we didn’t really know where dance music came from or what was going on. It was just noise that made us feel good.

Well, now I’m older and wiser (and probably more cynical) I like to think back to those days and laugh at what we used to listen to. Yes, laugh! Some of these songs are so ridiculous that you can’t help but giggle. There is nothing cool about them.

So with that in mind, let me take you on a trip down memory lane as I introduce you to my top 5 picks for the most unintentionally hilarious songs from the 90s dance scene.

5: DJ Miko – What’s Up (1999)

The 90s was an era truly special for electronic music, with the emergence and rise of many beloved genres. Drum & Bass, House, Trance, Techno and Jungle were all in their prime, and DJs were still playing vinyl records. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite tracks from this remarkable decade.

The Prodigy – Out Of Space

Though they’re best known for their 1997 album The Fat of the Land, The Prodigy was a major force throughout the 90s. “Out of Space”, which came out in 1992, is one of their most well-known hits. It’s a true dance classic that features a sample from “I Am The Law” by reggae group Shinehead.

Everyone is talking about the 90s. The 90s were the best and I’m here to tell you why. Now, I know what you may be thinking. You’re thinking, “this person is almost certainly writing a blog.” That’s right, I am.

1) There was no such thing as “alternative rock”.

2) There was no such thing as “online streaming”.

3) There was no such thing as “top 40 R & B”.

4) There was no such thing as “electronic music”.

5) There was no such thing as “hip hop”.

The 1990s saw the rise of electronic music and hip-hop, an evolution of pop music, and the emergence of a new generation of teen idols.

In the early part of the decade, dance-pop was still dominant. The advent of grunge had a worldwide effect on popular music. It meant that artists who were not associated with rock music could have a strong airplay presence on rock radio stations in the US, and vice versa for rock artists on pop stations.

The 1990s also saw the resurgence of several mainstream styles such as disco, electro, synthpop and even bubblegum pop. At the same time, rap music was developing into several different subgenres and developing more mainstream appeal.

Electronic dance music experienced mainstream popularity in Europe throughout most of the decade. Trance music experienced mainstream success during this period and its ethos continues to be influential today.

With many older bands disbanding or unable to keep pace with the constant innovation brought about by younger musicians, many critics also noted that “rock” was no longer a dominant force in the industry. However, alternative rock managed to maintain a foothold in popularity and maintained an influence over other styles that would later emerge during this period.

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