5 Buzzing Artists in the 80s Electronic Music Scene

In the 80s, electronic music was a new genre of music. The sound was innovative and new – it allowed musicians to be creative with their music and create sounds that had never been heard before. In this blog, we will share 5 buzzing artists in the 80s electronic music scene, who were at the forefront of this new sound.

1) Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode is an English band formed in 1980. They are one of the most successful acts in electronic music and have sold over 100 million records worldwide. Their sound is inspired by punk rock and disco, with lyrics relating to social and political themes of the time.

2) New Order

New Order is an English band formed in 1980. They are one of the most successful acts in electronic music and have sold over 100 million records worldwide. Their sound is inspired by punk rock and disco, with lyrics relating to social and political themes of the time.

3) Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk is an electronic band from Germany that has been around since 1970. They are known for their use of synthesizers as well as their minimalist approach to songwriting which led them to be considered pioneers of electronic dance music (EDM). Their first album was released in 1974 and featured songs like

This article discusses five well known artists in the 80s electronic music scene. While the 80s was a decade where electronic music started to take off, it is also the decade where many of these artists were at their prime.

The 80s electronic music scene: an exciting, vibrant and often overlooked time for the genre. With a slew of artists experimenting with synth, lounge, minimal and other subgenres, it was a time of musical innovation that is still being felt today.

Many of these musicians were more experimental than they were popular. This blog will take you through the five best 80s electronic music artists and explain how they helped to shape modern electronic music.

Jean Michel Jarre

Jean Michel Jarre was one of the first musicians to use electronic instruments in a live setting. He pioneered many of the techniques used by modern DJs including sampling, looping and manipulating sound using sequencers. He also used technology that would be considered primitive by today’s standards to mimic real instruments like guitars and drums.

His most iconic album is probably Oxygene from 1976 but he’s also known for his 1978 track Magnetic Fields.

In the 1980s, electronic music took off, and the genre was absolutely booming. Some of the greatest artists of all time were emerging with their own style and sound. This article is a brief introduction to 5 of these amazing artists.

1. Depeche Mode: This British band was formed in 1980 and since then has released 14 studio albums, with the most recent being 2017’s “Spirit”. The band has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making them one of the most commercially successful electronic bands of all time, and are known as one of the most influential groups in music history.

2. Kraftwerk: Known as the pioneers of electronic music, this German band created some highly popular albums such as “Autobahn” and “The Man-Machine”. The group is credited with paving the way for many synth pop artists that would come in later years.

3. New Order: This English rock band formed in 1980 from the ashes of Joy Division after its lead singer committed suicide. The group’s 1983 album “Power, Corruption & Lies” is often cited by critics as one of their best works.

4. A Flock of Seagulls: This new wave band from England are best known for their 1982 hit single “I Ran (

Electronic music has been a staple genre in the music industry ever since it was first introduced. Many of the best electronic music artists came from the 80s, when this genre was still relatively new.

The 80s were a great time for experimentation and innovation in the world of music, and some pretty incredible albums were released during this decade. You can still find many of these classics on record store shelves, along with CDs and digital downloads.

Here is a list of five great artists from the 80s who helped shape the electronic music scene into what it is today!

The 80s were all about the synthesizer. It was the instrument that revolutionised music and created a new sound. That sound came from artists who used their electronic music to express themselves. I want to explore some of my favourite 80s electronic music, and talk a little bit about how it became such a huge part of the modern music scene.

When we think of 80s electronic music, two names come to mind: Depeche Mode and New Order. Both groups made innovative electronic sounds that defined the era. The synth-pop group Depeche Mode found fame with their 1982 album “A Broken Frame,” which spawned hits like “Personal Jesus” and “Just Can’t Get Enough.”

New Order is another band that is synonymous with 80s electronic music. In fact, they have been cited as one of the greatest influences on modern dance music. Their 1981 single “Blue Monday” is often considered to be one of the best songs of the decade.

Kraftwerk, a German electronic band, was the leader of 80s music. They developed rhythm machines, sequencers and drum machines, which are now the basic components of modern music. The group is known for their songs “Autobahn”, “Computer Love” and “The Model”.

Depeche Mode is another famous 80s electronic band that released the album “Music for the Masses” in 1987. Depeche Mode’s songs were a big hit in the 80s, including “Personal Jesus”, “Enjoy the Silence” and “People are People”.

New Order was an English electronic band that was popular in the 1980s. Their song “Blue Monday” became the best selling 12-inch single in history. Other popular songs from New Order include “Bizarre Love Triangle”, “True Faith” and “Regret”.

Eurythmics was a British pop duo formed by Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. They were one of the most successful bands of the 80s with their hits such as “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”, “Here Comes The Rain Again”, “Would I Lie To You?” and many others.

The Human League is an English synthpop band that was famous in the 1980s. Their album

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