12 Artists to Watch in 2015

Twelve Artists to Watch in 2015

The year 2014 in underground electronic music was another excellent one. Check out our Best of 2014 feature for a rundown of some of the most exciting releases, tracks and remixes from last year. This article is meant to highlight some artists that we feel are on the rise, either because they are relatively new names or because they have been putting out fantastic music and deserve more attention. Keep an eye on these 12 artists in 2015 – you’re going to be hearing a lot about them!

Etapp Kyle

Berlin-based Ukrainian producer Dmitry Etapp Kyle has been making waves in Techno circles over the past few years. He is known for his approachable style but make no mistake; his sound is as smooth as it is complex. His work on Klockworks, Dystopian and Semantica Records has put him squarely on the map and he’s simply impossible to ignore at this point.


This trio’s live sets have garnered plenty of praise from fans, who often see them as a breath of fresh air on the techno scene. Their performances blend live instrumentation with electronics while maintaining a distinctively techno edge. Expect big things from Mønic in 2015 – they’re only just getting started.

With 2014 coming to an end, it’s time to look ahead to the next year of music. The underground electronic music scene is always changing and so many great new artists come out of nowhere that it’s nearly impossible to predict who will get big. Here are our guesses for the 12 artists who you should be watching in 2015.

1. Blackbird Blackbird (San Francisco)

2. Goldwash (Washington, DC)

3. Port St. Willow (Brooklyn)

4. Florist (Brooklyn)

5. Manatee Commune (Seattle)

6. Beat Culture (Los Angeles)

7. Young Ejecta (New York City)

8. Yumi Zouma (Christchurch, New Zealand)

9. Painted Palms (San Francisco)

10. Tunde Olaniran (Flint, Michigan)

11. Raury (Atlanta, Georgia)

12. Lido (Oslo, Norway)

Last year I wrote a blog about 13 artists to watch in 2014. Many of them have gone on to great success and are now starting to receive radio play on stations like BBC Radio 1, Rinse FM, NTS, and others. This year, I’ve decided to give another 13 artists a chance to get noticed.

I’m going to talk about a few subgenres of underground dance music that are getting more popular lately. These include deep tech house and nu disco music. There will also be some bass music producers who are making some of my favorite future garage tracks right now. I’ll start off with a few dubstep producers who are making some of the most innovative new dubstep tracks today.

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12 Artists to Watch in 2015

Molly Burch

Fans of vintage country music and classic vocalists will find much to love in Austin vocalist Molly Burch. While her debut EP, Please Be Mine, isn’t due out until the end of January, a track from the album has already been featured on The Fader’s “Best Songs of 2014” list. With her clear and powerful voice, Burch offers up a modern take on the classic country sound that should appeal even to listeners who don’t usually listen to country music.

Please Be Mine is set for release on January 27th via Captured Tracks.


Seattle band Pickwick is known for their raucous live shows, but their recorded output doesn’t always do their energy justice. That changes with their latest album, LoveJoys. The band’s third full-length is their most sonically adventurous yet and includes some of their best songwriting to date. Pickwick has often been described as a soul band, but they display influences ranging from blues to rock and roll on the new album. And while it’s easy to appreciate the musicality of each individual member of Pickwick – Galen Disston’s bluesy vocals or Michael Parker’s sweetly harmonized trumpet

If you’re looking to expand your underground electronic music knowledge, here are 12 artists to look out for this year.

If you’re looking to expand your underground electronic music knowledge, here are 12 artists to look out for this year.

The rising popularity of electronic music has many wondering where their favorite genre is headed. These 12 artists will help you answer the question.

Electronic music is on the rise. But with so many new artists coming out each month, it can be hard to recognize the ones who will be around for the long haul. Here are 12 artists who are worth your time in 2015.

In the past decade, electronic music has grown from a niche genre into one of the most popular forms of modern music. These 12 up-and-coming artists show us where it’s headed next.

The underground electronic music scene is strong, and the DJ world is dominated by men. The rise of female DJs is a welcome one, as New York City and other major cities around the U.S. see the emergence of female DJs in the mainstream. Here are 12 women to watch in 2015.

Born and raised in Paris, France, Maya Jane Coles made her way to London at the age of 19 and has since taken the electronic music scene by storm. She has been named “one to watch” by The Guardian, Mixmag, Resident Advisor, and others.

Coles currently runs her own label called I/AM/ME and has released music on Crosstown Rebels, Hypercolour, Get Physical Music and Mobilee Records under various aliases; most notably Nocturnal Sunshine (her downtempo/dubstep project) and She Is Danger (her indie-rock inspired project).

Okay, so you’ve heard of Kavinsky and Sebastian, but who’s next? Who are the artists that are just starting to make waves in the underground electronic music scene? And more importantly, which ones should you be listening to? As we did last year, we talked to some of our favorite music curators from around the Internet for their insight. Here are 12 artists that made their list:

*Chet Faker*

The Australian-born musician first came to our attention with a soulful cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” (listen here). Since then, he’s been featured on Flume’s debut album, released his own EP Thinking in Textures and even won an ARIA Award (think Australian Grammy). If his recent collaboration with Marcus Marr is any indication of what’s to come, Chet Faker’s future is bright.


The Seattle-based producer has been making music for over a decade now. His most recent release on Ghostly International, The Waiting Room, combines ambient melodies with crisp beats and lots of vocal samples. For more background on Lusine and his creative process, watch this video.

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