Zac Fisher – What Makes You Cry (Official Music Video)

Zac Fisher’s new single What Makes You Cry has been released on digital music platforms. The song is an electronic pop track with a drum and bass feel. It is about the process of falling in love with someone and the feeling you get when you do.

The video for the song was shot over two days at a studio in London. It follows Fisher around the city as he goes about his daily life. Fisher’s manager, Ben Winters, said: “We wanted to create something that gives an insight into Zac’s world and how he lives his life as an artist.

The video was directed by Sam Davis and features Zac as he goes through his day, from taking selfies with fans to performing at gigs and hanging out with friends.

Zac Fisher is a singer-songwriter from Australia who has officially released his second single, “What Makes You Cry” on September 16. The song was written by Zac and was produced by Daniel Skeed of Brisbane, Queensland.

This young artist’s music is described as “a hybrid of R&B and a modern pop style with a hint of indie rock influence.” His debut single, “Fall For You” was released in April 2016 and it features Jake Miller who is also an upcoming artist from the United States.

In an interview with GLAMADELAIDE, Zac Fisher talks about how being a musician came to him naturally because he has been exposed to music at a very young age. He started playing guitar when he was only four years old then began writing songs when he was in high school

The song “What Makes You Cry” is definitely worth adding to your playlist because this guy’s voice is so awesome! With lyrics like:

Zac Fisher finally released his first ever official music video ‘What Makes You Cry’. The song was released in February 2016 and gained popularity on the internet. Zac Fisher is a computer hacker turned singer/songwriter who talks about the fear of success and the fear of failure.

Zac says “I have always been afraid of success. I have always been afraid that I would start thinking I was better than other people, or too good for something”. At times, he even hesitates to perform live in front of an audience because he thinks that no one will show up to watch him perform.

Zac Fisher has released his third single ‘What Makes You Cry’ from his debut EP ‘The Distance’, set for release in March 2020.

Following on from the success of ‘Love Will Come Around’ and ‘I Wish You Knew’, the latest offering from Zac brings his trademark pop sound to life in an ingenious, yet simple manner.

A song about finding peace after a turbulent relationship, Zac delivers a heartfelt performance that is both tender and sincere. The accompanying music video sees Zac take a step away from typical pop styling to create something more personal and intimate. Directed by Jarryd Zanki and shot in Zac’s home town of Perth, Western Australia, it was important for Zac to keep things simple.

I wanted it to feel authentic and natural, so we stripped back the production and shot it like I was just playing a gig at one of my favourite venues. It’s an acoustic version of the song so I’m also wearing just jeans and a t-shirt with no makeup or anything like that, which is so liberating!

Zac Fisher has become one of the most exciting up-and-coming artists in Australian music. After first emerging onto the scene in 2016, he

Zac Fisher had a big year in 2017. The singer/songwriter was nominated for two awards at the 2017 West Australian Music Industry Awards (WAMi’s) and played some of his biggest shows to date.

The year is off to a flying start as he’s back with a new single, “What Makes You Cry”, premiering today on CelebMix.

The song is about growing up and moving on from things that happen in the past, according to Zac. He told us: “I love watching other people perform at events or demos and one thing that always gets people connected to the performer’s music is if you can relate to what they are singing about.

I wrote this song about feeling like I’ve been stuck in a rut for so long and I hope when fans hear it, they see themselves in it.”

With its catchy beat, lyrics, and vocals, we guarantee you will be listening to this song on repeat all day!

Zac Fisher is a 21 year old independent artist from Melbourne, Australia who makes electronic music. He has been writing and producing his own songs since he was 16, but is only now starting to release his music. His newest song, What Makes You Cry, is a synth-pop song that Zac says “is about being in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way.”

In the past, Zac has been involved in projects such as The Mona Lisas, which was an acoustic rock group that he formed with his high school friends. The group released one single before disbanding. Zac also played the drums for a band called Puck Fair for about 3 years before leaving to pursue his solo career.

Zac hopes to release more music soon and will be performing at local venues around Melbourne including The Worker’s Club on 28th September 2018.

Zac Fisher is a singer/songwriter and guitarist from Melbourne, Australia. He is well known for his catchy guitar riffs and emotionally charged lyrics. His latest EP “What Makes You Cry” was released on May 22 2020.

The video features some of Zac’s closest friends including Ruby, Benny and Alayna. It also features cameos from musician friends: Kate Miller-Heidke, Ryan Meeking, Tim Minchin and more!

Zac has been writing music since he was 11 years old. He taught himself to play guitar when he was 15 years old after being inspired by the likes of Oasis, Coldplay and other British bands from the 1990s.

He released his first record “Inner Monologue” in 2017 which went on to be nominated for Best Pop Album at the 2018 ARIA Awards (Australian Recording Industry Association).

In November 2018 Zac released his second studio album “Tides” which featured two singles “Tides” and “What I Do” as well as a surprise collaboration with British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran on the track “Falling Apart”.

Zac has toured with artists such as Birds Of Tokyo, K

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