Who is Paul van Dyk? A DJ, producer, musician and multiple award winner. A blog about how he started and his influence on electronic music.

On March 16, 1971, Matthias Paul, better known as Paul van Dyk was born in East Berlin and started his career DJing in his early twenties.

As a young boy, Matthias was always interested in music and started learning to play the piano at age 14. He also had access to an acoustic guitar at one point. In 1988, he spent six months in a youth detention center for some petty crime he committed with some friends. This is where he first heard Techno and House music on an American military base nearby which sparked his interest in electronic music.

In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Matthias began performing at local clubs and private parties under the name “PVC”.

In 1993, he founded his own record label Vandit Records. The label is still active today.

Paul van Dyk, who is also known by his birth name Matthias Paul, was born on December 16th, 1971 in East Berlin, Germany. His father was a saxophonist and his mother was a dancer. In East Germany electronic music was forbidden and therefore only available through illegal channels.

After the fall of the wall in 1989 Paul developed a strong passion for techno music. He started DJing at underground clubs in Berlin and quickly gained a reputation as an extraordinary talent.

In 1993 he released his first album 45 RPM on MFS Records. It became known as one of the most important albums ever released by an artist at such an early stage in their career.

Over the course of his career he has produced 6 studio albums, 5 mix compilations and over 100 singles. His mix compilations and singles have won him numerous awards including DJ Mag Top 100 (No 1), IDMA Best Global DJ (No 1) and Grammy Award (No 2).

Paul van Dyk (real name Matthias Paul) was born on December 16th 1971 in East Berlin. At age 10, he went to a club called Tresor where he heard Kraftwerk and music by the likes of Depeche Mode and New Order. He decided then that he wanted to be a DJ.

He started out getting a job as a radio host at an East Berlin radio station, but eventually quit because they wouldn’t let him play music that wasn’t on their pre-approved playlist. In 1990, when the Berlin wall fell, he had his first professional gig.

His career took off in 1993 when he released his first single, “Words” under the name “Visions of Shiva”. His style at that time was heavily influenced by New Age and ambient music: basic beats with lots of synthesizers and not much else. Over time, his sound evolved into what we now call trance music.

He experimented with different sounds over the years until he found one that worked well for him. He kept that sound until around 2001, but hasn’t been as successful since then since his new sound is more typical of trance music today.

Paul van Dyk has been very successful for many years; he has won numerous awards and worked with

Paul van Dyk is a German DJ, musician and record producer. One of the first true superstar DJs, Paul van Dyk was the highest ranked DJ in the world according to DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs poll twice.

Van Dyk has sold over 3.5 million albums and performed at events such as Love Parade and Nature One. He even played at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. Here is how it started for him.

Growing up behind the Iron Curtain, Paul van Dyk first started listening to music on an East German radio station called DT64. The station played electronic pop music from Kraftwerk, a band that would end up influencing van Dyk’s own work.

During this time, he also listened to music by Jean Michelle Jarre and Vangelis, who are both French electronic musicians and composers. If it weren’t for these early listens to electronic music growing up in East Germany, Paul van Dyk may not have become involved with one of the most influential genres of music today.

However, his passion for music did not start out with any intention of creating his own brand of electronic dance music (EDM). Instead, he wanted to be a concert pianist like his father before him.

Paul Van Dyk is a German DJ and record producer. One of the first true superstar DJs, he was the first artist to receive a Grammy Award nomination in the newly added category of Best Dance/Electronic album for his 2003 release Reflections. He was named the World’s number one DJ by DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs Poll twice, first in 2005 and again in 2006.

Van Dyk’s career began in 1993 when he signed to MFS Records, home to artists such as Sven Väth, Humate and Cosmic Baby. From there Paul released two albums, 45 RPM and Seven Ways.

After leaving MFS, Paul signed to Deviant Records where he released The Green Valley EP. After Deviant closed shop in 1996, Paul joined forces with Pulse Recordings where he released another EP titled Words. During this time Paul also collaborated with U.S. music producer BT to release “Namistai” and “Flaming June” on BT’s album ESCM. Eventually the two would collaborate again on the tracks “Forbidden Fruit” and “Walking With Eternal Sunshine”.

Paul then set up his own label Vandit Records where he has had a string of hit releases including For An Angel, Nothing But You, Tell Me Why

Paul van Dyk (born as Matthias Paul on December 16th, 1971 in Eisenhüttenstadt, East Germany) is a German Grammy Award-winning Electronic Dance Music DJ, musician and record producer. One of the first true superstar DJs, he was the first artist to receive a Grammy nomination in the newly added category of Best Dance/Electronic album for his 2003 release Reflections.

Paul Van Dyk grew up behind the Berlin Wall with his father and grandmother. Paul’s father died when he was young and he grew up listening to music by Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. The fall of the wall saw him quickly experience life in West Berlin and fall in love with club culture. He helped organise illegal parties under the moniker “Vandit” – a name which would later become his record label – and began DJing at the age of 16. Van Dyk met German techno producer Cosmic Baby at a party in 1991 and soon became his studio engineer. Not long after he started to produce his own tracks under various aliases like Aryan, Three’n’One (with Cosmic Baby), The Green Martian (with Woody van Eyden) or simply Vandit.

In 1994 Paul released his debut album “45 RPM” on

Paul van Dyke is a DJ, producer and musician from Germany. He was born on December 16, 1971 in East Berlin, Germany. His real name is Matthias Paul and he was first introduced to music by his father who was a church organist and choirmaster. As a teenager, Paul started to take an interest in electronic music after hearing the UK radio show of Mike Hennessey.

Paul released his first album, 45 RPM in 1994. It was followed by Seven Ways in 1996 and Forbidden Fruit in 1998. The album was his first to reach gold status. In 2001 the album Out There and Back climbed to number one on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart. The album featured the single \”Forbidden Fruit\” which reached number 1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart in February 2001.

Van Dyke’s next album Reflections (2003) features collaborations with David Bowie, David Byrne and Sting as well as Paul’s own compositions.”

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