Best Electronica Albums of 2018

Best Electronica Albums of 2018

The Best Electronica Albums of 2018. See which albums are sitting at the top of this year’s charts.

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The best albums of 2018 represent a time in flux within the industry, within culture, and beyond to our uncertain social-political climate.

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You can tell a lot about someone by their favorite album. And while we all have our own tastes, it can be interesting to see other perspectives and discover new music. Below is a list of the best electronica albums from 2018 as rated by the Ranker community. This list ranks the best electronica albums of 2018, and includes cover art pictures when available. These popular 2018 electronica albums feature some of the best singers, musicians and bands in electronica, so if you’re wondering what new music is worth a listen, then these are some of the best electronica albums released in 2018.

This list of 2018 electronic albums includes studio albums, live albums, compilation albums and EPs that were released this year. It’s not uncommon for electronic artists to release multiple EPs throughout the year (i.e. Flume), but this list only takes into account full length releases. While we’re ranking this list by votes from Ranker users, you can sort by any of the columns to reorder them as you please.

This is a list of electronica artists and albums. All electronic music genres are included.

The list includes genres such as house, techno, ambient and many more. This is not a top ten list. This is not a list of the best known artists or albums. I have tried to include a wide range of artists and albums that have come out in 2018. The only criteria for inclusion is that I have listened to the album and thought it was good enough to recommend to you!

The best electronica albums of 2018.

1. “Amelie Lens – Exhale” by Amelie Lens

2. “The Blessed Madonna – We Still Believe (Instrumentals)” by The Blessed Madonna

3. “Benny Benassi – Danceaholic” by Benny Benassi

4. “The Black Madonna – He Is The Voice I Hear” by The Black Madonna

5. “Dom Dolla – Take It (Remixes)” by Dom Dolla

6. “Disciples – 48HRS” by Disciples

7. “Fisher (OZ) – Losing It” by Fisher (OZ)

8. “Lane 8 & Kidnap Kid – Aba (Yotto Remix)” by Lane 8 & Kidnap Kid

9. “Marshmello & Bastille – Happier (Remixes)” by Marshmello & Bastille

10. “RÜFÜS DU SOL – Solace Remixes Pt II” by RÜFÜS DU SOL

11. “Tchami & Malaa – No Redemption EP” by Tchami & Malaa

Beneath the surface of mainstream electronic music, a huge world of experimental electronic music exists. In this world, artists use electronic music to push the boundaries of what is considered music, and their fans are just as dedicated as in any other genre. The best electronica albums of 2018 offer a glimpse at this underground scene — a group that prizes originality and groundbreaking production techniques over conventional songwriting.

The electronica genre is notoriously hard to define, but in general it refers to a style of music made solely with electronic instruments. Often, electronica artists make heavy use of synthesizers and computer-generated sounds in their productions. Some electronica songs feature vocals or live instrumentation, but that’s not always the case.

Electronica can include everything from ambient and downtempo to house and techno, industrial and experimental music. Some say you can’t dance to it; others say it’s some of the most danceable music around. Some call it “intelligent dance music” (IDM); others think that term is pretentious nonsense.”

2018 was a great year for electronic music. Our best electronica albums of 2018 list includes releases from Exhausted Modern, Kiasmos, and Ben Frost. The list was limited to 10 albums total, and only one album per artist.

1) Exhausted Modern – ‘Invaluable’

2) Kiasmos – ‘Blurred’ (EP)

3) Atavist – ‘III: Absolution’ / ‘IIII: Redemption’ (Double Album)

4) Ben Frost – ‘The Centre Cannot Hold’

5) Paul Jebanasam – ‘Continuum’ (EP)

6) Daedelus – ‘Labyrinths’ (EP)

7) Anna Meredith – ‘Varmints’ (EP)

8 ) t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 – ‘青と夏の月日を通して。(Time Through The Blue Summer Days And Nights)’ (EP)

9 ) Laurel Halo – ‘Raw Silk Uncut Wood’ (EP)10 ) SOPHIE – ‘OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES

Five by Bonobo is a 2018 album, and it’s available for streaming on Spotify. It’s one of the best electronica albums of 2018.

Bonobo is one of the best electronica artists. His previous album, Migration, was really good too, and he also has a good song called Cirrus that came out in 2013.

The music from Cirrus has been used in television advertisements and shows like The Walking Dead, The Good Wife, and Suits.

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