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Electronic Rap is a blog about gaming and electronic rap music. Although the two topics are seemingly different, and are run by two different people, they are actually related in many ways.

Electronic Rap started out as a project to help promote a new independent artist named K-Dot (Kendrick Robinson). When he started rapping, he released songs on websites such as myspace and youtube. He also did collaborations with a few other artists, who similarly promoted their music on the internet. After gaining some popularity on these sites, he decided to start his own website in which he would host his music for free for all to download. He wanted to do this because he wanted the ability to release his songs without having to go through a record label in order to do so. This way he could have full control over what he wanted to do with his music, and would not have to worry about deadlines or approval from people who may not know anything about the music industry. After several failed attempts at creating an attractive site, I was asked by his cousin if I could help build them a site that would be easy for them to use and update regularly. I agreed, thinking that it would be a simple project considering they did not have much content yet and there were only

Electronic Rap is a blog about gaming and electronic rap music.

The site aims to provide high quality, relevant content for gamers who are interested in learning more about the latest trends and games. In addition to reviews and articles, we also have a weekly podcast entitled .

Electronic Rap was founded in January of 2011 by myself, Josh Kim. I’m a game developer by trade, with a passion for gaming and electronic music.

Electronic Rap is a blog about gaming, technology, and electronic rap music. The blog was started in 2016 as a way to share music from the future. Electronic Rap features content from both the past and present that is intended to inspire the future of electronic rap music. Electronic Rap has been featured on many notable sites including Kotaku, Pitchfork, Vice, and more.

The site’s mission is to share content that is geared towards gaming, technology, and electronic rap music. This content includes music reviews, game reviews, tutorials, interviews with artists and producers, as well as news and information about upcoming releases.

The site also features a store which sells merchandise related to electronic rap music such as t-shirts and vinyl records.

Electronic Rap is a blog about gaming and electronic rap music. I’ve been a gamer since the NES days of the 80’s and have been into electronic music since hearing BT’s Ima in 1997.

The blog will contain reviews of games I enjoy playing, reviews of electronic rap songs that I enjoy listening to, and other random crap.

I’m very open to suggestions for songs or games to review, so please feel free to comment on any post with a suggestion.

Electronic Rap is a blog geared towards gaming and music. The blog was founded in January of 2018 by Mitch Graham and Tyler Brown. Mitch and Tyler were two friends who were passionate about gaming and rap music. They decided to create a blog to share their passion with others around the world.

Electronic Rap is based out of Albany, NY but has members from all over the globe. The Electronic Rap team is made up of Mitch, Tyler, and Samantha. The team has been able to grow since their founding thanks to all the amazing people who read and support their content.

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