Top 5 New Electronic Music Releases of the Week

A blog of new electronic music releases.

Here’s a list of new electronic music releases for the week of February 11th, 2014. Each release is categorized as either an album, EP or single. Most albums and EPs are also accompanied by a short description.

Featured Releases:


This is a very special compilation of artists who have contributed to the creation of my website, New Electronic Music Releases. It was created with great care over the last few months and contains some really special tracks that I feel very strongly about. The purpose of this compilation is to inspire people to create more music and support artists who have contributed to our community. I hope you enjoy it! [Album]


Henry Green has released an EP with one new track and two remixes from his debut album ‘Shift’. The first track on the EP ‘Vision’ was written in the summer of 2012 but never found its way onto an album until now. The two remixes come from fellow British producer Sable and French duo Crayon. [EP]

A blog of new electronic music releases.

1. Doctor Jeep – Blips EP

[Doctor Jeep] has gone to great lengths to make this release feel effortless, and that is the greatest strength of the EP. There’s a sense of ease and balance throughout, where nothing feels out of place or overthought. The tracks are simple, built on sparse drum patterns, but it works because they are easy to get lost in. The EP has a sort of “calm before the storm” vibe, like something big is coming just around the corner.

2. Second Woman – s/w

This album is what I imagine the sound of a black hole would be if you could hear one, where sounds are stretched into infinity, never hitting a point where you would consider them a beat or melody; just pure texture that ebbs and flows for as long as you want to listen. S/w is darkly beautiful, with some gently uplifting moments, creating a captivating listening experience that becomes all-encompassing when listened to on headphones in the dark.

3. Various Artists – Knekelput

Knekelput is an eclectic collection of deep, dub techno that explores a variety of styles within the genre.

The best of the week’s new electronic music releases, from Autechre to Zomby.

1. Autechre: “feed1” and “feed2”

The Autechre hype machine is back in business, it seems, but for good reason. The British duo of Rob Brown and Sean Booth are releasing two new albums simultaneously this Friday, SIGN and exai, their first since 2010’s Oversteps. The former is a vinyl-only release limited to 1,000 copies; the latter is a two-disc set featuring 11 tracks that range in length from three minutes to nearly an hour long. (Both can be preordered now.) While this is plenty exciting enough on its own, Autechre has decided to kick things into overdrive by leaking two new tracks, “feed1” and “feed2,” both of which come off SIGN. The former is a brief but sweet slice of abstract house music that sounds like it could have been produced by Machinedrum; the latter takes much longer to get going but reveals itself as a gorgeous piece of atmospheric techno by the end. Both are excellent indications that this could be another contender for album of the year from one of experimental electronic music’s most consistent

It is a funny thing. A lot of new and old electronic music is made to be listened to as background music. With some exceptions, most of it is not challenging or distracting enough to be the focus of your attention. The beauty of minimal electronic music is that it can be both. Of course, you can also dance to it, but there is no rule that says you have to. And if you find yourself listening, nothing will stop you from doing so. The best new minimal electronic music is designed for both purposes.

In this post I review five new releases in the genre, as well as some older ones by the same artists. All five are worth your time and money, and all five will make you want to dance.

Every week, we try to bring you the best new electronic music. We compile a list of our favorite new releases and give you the scoop on which labels are dropping heat. This week, we’ve got new music from artists like DJ Sotofett, Galcher Lustwerk, and others.

1. DJ Sotofett – “Current82 (12 mix)” (Natural Sciences)

2. Galcher Lustwerk – “Cig Angel” (Ghostly International)

3. Patrice Scott – “Origins EP” (Sistrum Recordings)

4. FaltyDL – “Heaven Is For Quitters” (Blueberry Records)

5. Orson Wells – “Gentle Giants” (The Trilogy Tapes)

I don’t know if there is a such thing as minimal electronic music.

In my opinion, electronic music is a genre of music produced by using electronic musical instruments and technology.

In my opinion, minimal music is a style of classical music characterized by extreme simplicity of form and a slow rate of harmonic change.

I don’t know if there is a such thing as minimal electronic music.

The first full length album from New York’s Nicky Mao, aka DJ Nicky Mao, arrives on vinyl via the always intriguing Trilogy Tapes.

Entitled ‘Under The Plastic And Nexter’, it’s a classic of the label, which seems to have an unerring knack of drawing out the best in its artists. It’s also a rare release from Mao, who is far better known for his DJ skills and has released a string of mix tapes over the years but little else.

The producer reveals that much of the album dates back to his teenage years, when he used to spend hours experimenting in his bedroom studio in New York. The work clearly paid off: as this LP demonstrates, Mao expertly blends together minimal techno and house elements with more experimental sounds and styles, resulting in music that is both cerebral and dancefloor-ready.

The LP kicks off with ‘Boris Jeltsin’, whose choppy drums and muttered spoken samples make for a murky opener. Elsewhere we get ‘Ride Wit U’, with its skeletal chords; ‘Xylophone’, an ode to grime that sounds like something Aphex Twin might have made; and ‘D

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