The Best Electro Swing Songs and their Artists

The Best Electro Swing Songs and their Artists: a blog about electro swing artists, songs and albums. A curated list of the best electro swing songs and artists.

Get to know the best electro swing songs here. You can listen to them on Spotify, get a copy from Amazon or even watch the video clip (if there is one).

This page is constantly updated, so come back for some new electro swing music every once in a while. It’s all about the vintage sound!

Electro Swing is a mixture of music styles, such as vintage swing, jazz, house and hip hop. It’s a relatively new kind of dance music that has been going around since the early 90’s.

The Best Electro Swing Songs and their Artists was created to promote this genre of dance music. Here you can find information about the best electro swing artists, their albums and some of the best electro swing songs.

Electro Swing Thing is a weekly podcast and blog dedicated to the best artists and songs in the electro swing scene. The blog was started in 2008 as a platform to promote new releases and keep track of what’s happening in the world of Electro Swing music.

The Best Electro Swing Songs

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There are a lot of songs to choose from with a lot of great artists and albums, so we have decided to put our favorite songs on this page. You will also see the best electro swing artists and their albums here.

We are always looking for new stuff to listen to, so please leave us a comment or send us a private message if you know about something that you think we should check out!

Electro Swing is a new style of music that emerged in the early 2000’s. It combines elements of jazz, swing and other genres with edgy electronic beats. The result is a fun, upbeat, party-friendly sound.

The following list consists of the best songs and albums of Electro Swing. It covers many different styles, from Funky and Jazzy to Latin and House. I hope you will find it helpful when looking for new music to listen to or when searching for new artists to follow!

The list is constantly updated with new entries so make sure you check back regularly!

Electro Swing is a genre that has been on the rise in recent years. Electro Swing is a new and dynamic version of swing music, which uses electronic instruments for sound generation. It blends electronica beats with jazz music. This new sound is a mixture of old retro samples mixed with electronic sounds and the typical syncopated rhythms of swing music.

Electro Swing is most popular in Germany, where the first Electro Swing club (The Cat Club) opened in Berlin back in 2007. But it’s also gaining popularity in other countries around the world like France, Italy, UK and USA and even Australia.

In this blog you can find all the songs that are featured on our YouTube channel and more! We will update this blog regularly so make sure to check back often!

“I just wanted to share this video with you, because it is absolutely stunning! This young guy from France is a genius and I hope he will become more famous. Because he deserves it. I was so surprised that he’s only 17 years old… He is the founder of the band “Caravan Palace” and plays all instruments, sings and composes the songs.

The video is from their first album “Caravan Palace”. You can buy some of their songs on iTunes or (just search for Caravan Palace). They are awesome guys with a great sense of humor, a wonderful music and an outstanding performance. And they are all very young.

Look at this crazy music video:

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