Need Music for Film, Commercial or Video Game? A blog about the different types of music you need for different projects.

Need Music for Film, Commercial or Video Game? A blog about the different types of music you need for different projects.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right music for your project. One of the most important is what type of composition and genre you are looking for. In this article we will discuss some of the more popular genres and our recommendations on how to use them.

Rock/Pop/Indie Music (Instrumental) – This type of music usually has a strong driving beat with lots of drums, bass guitar and electric guitar. The melody may be carried by any instrument but is typically electric guitar or keyboards. This type of music is perfect for action videos, car commercials and sports videos.

There are many different types of music that can be used in a film, commercial or video game. The type of music you use depends on the genre of your film, commercial or video game. In this article I will discuss the types of music you need for each project.

In this article I will discuss the types of music you need for each project.

What is Film Music?

Film music is any music composed for a movie or television show. Film music is an important part of any movie, television show or video game. It sets the mood of the scene and can help make a scene more exciting or dramatic. In this article I will discuss the types of film music you need for each project.

What is Commercial Music?

Commercial music is any music that is used in commercials or advertisements. Commercial music can be used to set the mood of a commercial or advertisement and can help to make a commercial or advertisement more exciting or dramatic. In this article I will discuss the types of commercial music you need for each project.

What is Video Game Music?

Video game music is any music that is used in video games or computer games. Video game music can be used to set the mood of a video game or computer game and can help to make a video


When you are creating a film, commercial or video game, the music is one of the most important elements. It can set the tone of a scene and help develop characters. The right music can make you feel sad and happy at the flip of a switch. Here are some things to think about when choosing the right music.

FILM: Films have many different parts to them. The opening credits, the dramatic scenes, love scenes, action sequences and everything in between – each needs its own unique sound to help tell your story. Most major films have actual orchestral scores written specifically for them, but if you are working on a smaller budget there are other alternatives. You can re-record some existing music with live orchestra or you can use virtual orchestra software that has an amazing sound and is much more affordable than hiring an actual orchestra.

You may also want to include songs in your film as source music which means that the music is coming from a radio or record player in the scene itself. Many films do this including American Beauty and Juno. You will then want to get rights for those songs which can be done through Harry Fox Agency (HFA).

You may be thinking that using existing

If you are in the business of creating music for film, commercials or video games, one of the first things you learn is that each genre has its own rules. You don’t use an epic, towering orchestral score for a comedy, just like you can’t write a quirky indie track for a movie trailer. It just doesn’t work. The same goes for writing music for commercials. Sure, some genres can overlap and some music works for multiple types of visual media, but in general you want to stick to writing a certain type of music for a certain type of project.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the different types of music you’ll encounter when writing for these three genres: Film, Commercials and Video Games. While there may be some overlap between them, each presents its own unique set of challenges and opportunities as well. So let’s dive in!


The first thing most people think about when they hear “film,” is movies. But films aren’t just movies anymore! Thanks to the internet and other technological advances, films now come in all shapes and sizes – from short films to feature length films to viral videos to web-series – it’s almost endless! With so many options available, filmmakers need as

There are many varieties of music and everyone has their own musical preferences. However, when you are writing a film, commercial or video game, you need to figure out what kind of music will best fit the project at hand. Working with a composer can help you make the best choice for your project.

In the world of film and television, there are different styles of music used in different genres. For instance, if you were making an action movie, you would want to use music that is fast paced and exciting. You wouldn’t want to use soft piano music for this type of movie as it would not fit the mood and tone of the film.

The same goes for commercials. If you were making a commercial that was trying to sell something that was luxurious such as a new perfume or cologne, you might want to use classical music like pieces from Vivaldi or Mozart. If your commercial was advertising a new energy drink then perhaps some fast paced rock music would work well with your commercial.

Often times when creating commercials, people will choose already existing songs by well-known artists as opposed to hiring composers to create original compositions for their commercials because they are cheaper than paying royalties to use songs by famous artists.

However, if you have an unlimited budget then

We all know the right music can truly make a video stand out and be extraordinary. Music is a powerful tool for setting up mood, tone, and style of an entire video. Whether it’s a commercial, feature film, or even YouTube video, you want to make sure it’s more than just good – you want to make sure it’s amazing and memorable.

Luckily for you there are many different types of music available to download online. Some royalty free services even have thousands of works by hundreds of different composers – so you are bound to find something that fits your project perfectly.

But before you go ahead and pick the first music track you see, let us help you decide what kind of music works best with what type of project:

– Film/TV: Cinematic/Orchestral

– Commercial/Corporate: Contemporary/Electronic

– YouTube: Pop/Rock

Today’s Indie musicians have a new outlet to get their music to the masses. The internet is a great way for Indie musicians to be seen by thousands of listeners and buyers. One of the big problems with music today is that people do not want to pay much money for it.

However, if you are selling your music on the internet then you will find that people will pay for their music online. You will also find that you are able to get your music out there quicker than if you were waiting for record labels to sign you up. Of course, with so many people out there trying to make a name for themselves in this industry, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

With all of this competition going on, it can be hard for anyone who does not know what they are doing to make it big in this industry. Here are some things that every Indie musician should keep in mind when trying to build up their career as an artist.

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