Larkin, London Music Artist and Producer.

Larkin, London Music Artist and Producer.

I’m a music producer, audio engineer and sound designer from London. I create original music for film, tv, games and interactive media. I also release my own work as Larkin. I’m influenced by electronic music from the past three decades – especially artists like Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and Squarepusher – but also by ambient composers like Brian Eno and minimalist composers like Steve Reich. I’m interested in creating sounds that are at once sonically interesting and emotionally engaging.

In addition to my career as a composer/producer, I’ve been an active member of the London electronic music scene for over a decade. In 2001 I co-founded the Electronic Explorations podcast series with Rob Booth (now editor of UK mag Mixmag). Over the years this has grown into a bi-weekly show that regularly attracts thousands of listeners per episode.

Larkin is a London based music artist and producer. He studied classical piano from the age of 7 to 18, and at the age of 16 he started producing electronic music. Having experimented with various styles, it wasn’t until Larkin discovered Ambient and Ambient Techno that he found his true path in music.

Larkin’s sound is a mixture of melodious pianos, rich pads and warm basses. His style is dreamy and melancholic yet uplifting and inspiring at the same time.

Larkin is a London based music producer, artist and DJ. His work is often described as a combination of minimalism and melancholy. The series of tracks released by Larkin in 2015 under the title “Songs for Foggy Mornings” were picked up by various blogs and radio stations and have led to his first official release on the ‘Inverted Audio’ label. He has since played at various clubs and festivals around the world, including Berlin Atonal, ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event), Mutek Mexico, MUTEK Argentina, Nuits Sonores France and others.

In 2017 he was invited to play at the renowned Berlin club Berghain – a venue known for it’s uncompromising aesthetics and strict door policy. In the same year he has also performed at Sónar Barcelona, Unsound Poland, CTM festival in Berlin, Mutek Festival in Montreal as well as Boiler Room Berlin.

His latest release titled “Distant Love” came out on February 2018 on his own label – Shadowax records.

About Larkin:

Larkin is an electronic music artist and producer based in London, UK. She has been making music since 2009, predominantly producing ambient music with a strong pop influence. Some of her best known songs are “Dawn”, “Invisible”, and “Cascade”.

Larkin currently has a large following on Soundcloud, where she posts all of her work. Her songs have been played over 10 million times, and she has over 50,000 followers on the platform. A number of her songs have been uploaded to YouTube as well.

She has performed live at many venues in London, including the Roundhouse and Cargo. In 2018 she performed at SXSW in Austin, Texas and also toured the West Coast of America. Larkin has also had tracks selected for play on Apple Music’s Beats 1 station.

Larkin’s music reflects the tumultuous journey of his life. He grew up in London in a poor family, and as a child he suffered from behavioural problems, such as ADHD. Being raised by a single mother who was struggling to make ends meet, Larkin had to learn early on that the world was not always fair. As a result, Larkin channeled his rage into his music.

From an early age, Larkin showed great talent for playing the piano. During high school, where he studied composition theory, he also experimented with electronic music and discovered that it was a good outlet for his emotions and a way to escape from the problems surrounding him.

After high school, he applied to and was accepted by several prestigious universities and conservatories in Europe. However, Larkin did not pursue further education and decided instead to focus all of his energy on making music.

Larkin’s first album met with moderate success but failed to gain him critical acclaim or commercial success. Undeterred, however, Larkin took what he learned from that experience and released a second album that was more focused and more experimental than his previous work. His gamble paid off; his second album catapulted him onto the international stage and gave him recognition as one of the most notable composers

Over the last decade a new musical genre has been emerging that has gradually become known as soft electronic music. This is a genre of music that utilises electronic instruments to produce a very soft and relaxing sound. Some describe it as “ambient” music, but ambient is often much more minimalist than the more popular soft electronic sound.

Soft electronic music is not really a “genre”, in that it is not characterised by a particular style. It is actually just a term being used to describe the recent popularity of tracks that are generally slow moving and have a soft sound. Most people would say that it has evolved from Ambient and New Age music, however some say that Soft Electronic Music can be traced back to the early-to-mid 1990’s with artists such as The Orb and Aphex Twin.

This is an exciting time for electronic music. The internet has opened up new possibilities and new audiences for the genre, allowing artists to work in entirely different ways.

I’ve been writing, producing and performing since I was a teenager. My debut album, ‘Gathering’, was released in 2009 on Arcola Records. Since then I’ve played numerous shows and festivals around the world, including a headline performance at White Heat in London.

I’m currently working on my second album as well as a range of collaborations with other artists.

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