Go to your nearest club!…or Not

With the rise in popularity of electronic music, this has become a forum for everyone to come together and share their musical interests. From the underground scene to the more popularized EDM, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for good clubs nearby, then this is the place to be. We also have a blog that discusses how to enjoy your music while still being safe.

The club scene is a place of freedom, where one can go to enjoy themselves, make new friends, and dance like no one is watching. However, this environment can also become dangerous if not handled properly. We’ve all heard the horror stories of drug overdoses, sexual assaults, and fights breaking out as a result of people not taking care of themselves or others. This blog aims to keep you safe while enjoying your time on the dance floor.

Clubbing is a form of entertainment that people have enjoyed for years, and electronic music has been around for decades. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of young people getting into the scene. The rise of new nightclubs and clubs specifically focused on creating an engaging environment for electronic music lovers has made it easier for people to go out and enjoy themselves. But with this new rise in popularity comes new risks.

There are several risks associated with going to nightclubs, the most serious of which is the risk of being taken advantage of by someone you know or trust. In order to avoid these situations while still enjoying yourself, you should always be sure to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior or actions that may seem unusual or out of place. Even if they seem harmless at first glance, they could lead to something much worse later on down the road.

Another major risk that comes with going out clubbing at night is drug-related activities like MDMA (ecstasy) use and alcohol consumption. If you’re not careful about what you put into your body before going out partying, then chances are high that you’ll end up having to deal with some sort of negative consequence later on down the road like a bad trip or hangover; it’s

Electronic music is one of the most popular genres in the world. From EDM to Dubstep to Trap, there are many sub-genres that people love and enjoy. However, there is a darker side to this as well. For example, the recent rise in drug use among electronic music listeners has become increasingly alarming. This blog is written to inform you on why you should be safe at electronic music events and festivals, and how you can have a good time while being safe.

If you are an electronic dance music fan, you probably have been or will be at a concert. As an EDM fan myself, I love going to concerts. They are fun and help me de-stress after a long day of work. The only thing is that I have to be safe when I go.

I have seen people pass out from dehydration, exhaustion, or drugs. These people are often taken away by paramedics and sometimes even arrested for drug use. While this may seem like the ending of a nasty story, it is actually the beginning. It may seem like these things happen often but they do not. I want EDM fans to enjoy their experience at a concert while being safe.

Here are some tips on how to stay safe during an EDM concert:

Stay hydrated! Bring water with you and make sure to drink it throughout the night. This is especially important if you are dancing or jumping around the entire night. If you find yourself getting too much into the music to stop and drink water, bring a camelback so that you can drink water while dancing!

If you do not feel well (feeling dizzy, nauseous, etc.) please tell a staff member immediately. Usually there is medical staff on site in

It’s 2am and you’ve had a great night out dancing the night away. You’re at your favourite bar or club and you’ve been having a great time with your friends. All of a sudden, someone bumps into you and spills their drink all over your shirt.

“Crap! This is my favourite shirt.” You say to yourself. “I wonder what I can do to get this stain out?”

You start to think about all the different things you can try to get the alcohol out of your shirt. Should you try soap and water? What about trying something stronger like bleach? Or maybe just leave it alone and hope it dries out on its own?

You go home that night thinking that there has got to be a better way to get stains out of clothes. You wonder if there are any products available that could help you clean up this mess without damaging your clothing…..

For those of us who enjoy electronic music, the club can be a home away from home.

Its a place where we can dance for hours to our favorite songs, drink with friends, or just vibe out to the beat.

The club is supposed to be our safe haven. But, lets face it. Somethings wrong with our scene.

The drugs are getting stronger and more prevalent, while the audience grows younger and more impressionable.

It’s up to us to change this. Together we can make our scene safer and healthier simply by being prepared and taking responsibility for ourselves and others.

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