How to throw a spooktacular Halloween dance party

I am having a party for Halloween this year. I want to have a dance party but with just a killer playlist. It is my first time throwing a party, so I want to make sure that it is amazing and fun. I want the music to be perfect, and I need help making the perfect playlist.

I think that this playlist should have some classics like “Thriller” by Michael Jackson or “Monster Mash” by Bobby Boris Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers. There are also some new songs that would be perfect for a Halloween themed dance party like “Ghosts n Stuff” by DeadMau5 or “Breathe Carolina – Blackout”.

I am not sure if I should make the playlist myself or find one somewhere online. If you guys have any suggestions on where to find a good playlist or what I should put on my own, please let me know!

Halloween is coming up fast and you know what that means. Time to break out the costumes, pumpkins, and decorations! If you’re in charge of throwing a Halloween dance party this year, then let me help you make your party a spooktacular one.

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning your spooktacular dance party!

Here’s a great playlist for an awesome Halloween dance party:

“(You’re A) Strange Animal” by Gowan

“Howlin’ For You” by The Black Keys

“Bad Things” by Jace Everett

“Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“I Put A Spell On You (Fifty Shades of Grey)” by Annie Lennox

“Creepy Doll” by Jonathan Coulton

“Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen – Remastered 1996 / Live at The Record Plant, Sausalito, CA – December 15, 1969

At the end of October, there are plenty of Halloween parties to choose from. Whether you attend a party at your local bar or host one for friends and family, Halloween is the perfect time to dance the night away.

“I like to throw a Halloween party every year in my house,” said Becca, who also happens to be my twin sister. “As a college student, it’s nice to get together with friends after midterms and celebrate all things spooky.”

Becca said she enjoys making her own costumes and decorating her apartment with fake spider webs and skeletons. She also makes sure to have a variety of candy options for those who come trick-or-treating, ranging from full-size candy bars to lollipops.

“For me, the most important thing is making sure there are enough drinks for everyone,” Becca said. “I typically serve beer and wine coolers, but some of my friends enjoy mixed drinks as well.”

In addition to having a dance floor, Becca always has a playlist ready. This year it includes:

1. Scary Monsters by David Bowie

2. Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett

3. Thriller by Michael Jackson

4. Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.

Every Halloween I throw a dance party for my friends. Halloween is a great time of year to do this, because there’s no other time when it’s acceptable to play spooky music and serve people drinks with plastic body parts in them.

Dressing up is a big part of the evening: I’ve seen everything from homemade Star Wars costumes to anthropomorphic black holes, complete with event horizon (only a few people got the reference).

The music can be tricky: you need something that fits the theme, but that people will actually want to dance to, which rules out a lot of stuff. The key is finding songs that are just spooky enough. If you go too far, you’ll scare everyone away; if you’re not spooky enough, no one will get into the spirit of things.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite songs for Halloween parties:

This Halloween, you won’t be able to have a party at your house. If you want to throw one, you’ll have to do it on Zoom.

But don’t worry–Zoom parties are actually great!

Do you remember when we used to have parties in person? The only time anyone would really talk about the music was when it was their turn to DJ, and even then they’d just throw a bunch of songs into a playlist without thinking about the order. But with a Zoom party, there will be no pressure to talk to anyone; you can just listen to the music and keep your mouth shut.

So here’s what I did: I made a playlist of 12 hours of electronic dance music (mostly house and techno) with some ambient and downtempo thrown in for good measure. Then I put it into Ableton Live (a DJing software), and wrote some code that allows me to manipulate the song list live.

I’m going to start playing this at 11pm EDT on Halloween night (October 31st). And here’s how you can join in:

Bringing in the New Year is a celebration like no other. It’s a time for new beginnings, new adventures, and of course, new year’s resolutions. I’m not a big fan of resolutions; instead I prefer to set goals. They’re more concrete than resolutions and easier to achieve.

As you may know by now, I love electronic music: listening to it, dancing to it, playing it on my violin (you heard me right), etc. So naturally my goals are mainly music-related: write new songs, play gigs with my band, master Ableton Live…

But at the top of the list is one that I’ve been putting off for too long: become more comfortable DJing in front of people.

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