How To Build An Electronic Music Band

This is a blog about starting and managing an electronic music band. I don’t know if it will be useful to anyone, but I am going to write it anyway.

I’m writing this for two reasons. First, a lot of people (most of them musicians) have been asking me how I do what I do, and this is the only way I can think of to answer them all at once. Second, this is my first attempt at running a business, and while it’s not much of a business yet, it seems like that might change. So this gives me somewhere to write things down as they happen, so I’ll remember them later when I need to make the same decisions again.

If you are reading this blog, chances are, you have decided to start an electronic music band. And why not? Electronic music is all the rage. This is your chance to make it big and to leave a mark on the musical landscape.

However, there is more to starting a band than just writing songs and performing in front of an audience. If you want to be successful – and we believe that you do – then you need to start thinking like a business person. You need to figure out how to manage your band members, sell your music, get gigs, take care of all the financials, get endorsement deals and so much more.

This blog will teach you how to do all these things and more. We’ll cover everything from having the right mindset while doing this to hiring management people who can help you turn your band into a global sensation.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Electronic music bands are a different breed to traditional bands. They don’t need multiple members, they don’t need expensive instruments, and they don’t have the hassle of working with other musicians.

With the help of computers and some software, you can make good quality music by yourself. You can also explore new musical genres that have previously been impossible to create without a team of people.

This blog will explain how to start your own electronic music band, how to compose your own music, and some useful tips and ideas that might help you along the way.

Every electronic music band needs a web site. It’s your home base, a place where people can get info about you and your music. But it should be more than just a personal blog with pictures of your members and MP3 clips. You want to make the site as interactive as possible so that people will keep coming back.

Here are some tips for making your site a success:

* Make it personal. It’s cool to have a web designer create the site, but if you don’t want it to look like every other band’s web site, you need to add something that is uniquely yours. Add a diary or blog to give fans an idea of who you are and what your interests are. If you’re on the road, write about where you’ve been – who knows, maybe someone reading it will open their house up to let you stay there overnight next time?

* Make it fun. A picture is worth 1000 words, especially when it comes to electronic music bands. If your guitarist has a great sense of humor, add some funny pictures of him doing stupid things on stage or sleeping in the back of the van. Not only do they show that you’re human, but they also make people laugh. If they laugh enough, they’ll tell their

I’m looking for band members to start an electronic music band.

I have professional training in music production and I have a vision for the kind of music I want to make. My goal is to create the first successful full-time electronic group.

The most important quality in a potential bandmate is your level of commitment, not your musical experience. If you’re willing to work hard and learn new skills, then you’ll fit right in.

How you fit into the band will depend on your specific skills and interests. A few examples:

* Performing live at concerts (especially if you have DJ/turntable skills)

* Writing original songs with me using Ableton Live software or Logic Pro X software

* Helping me find gigs for the band to perform at (especially if you have connections within the local music scene)

* Designing album artwork, t-shirts, stickers, etc… (especially if you’re already familiar with Photoshop/Illustrator)

* Promoting our band online through blogs, social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, YouTube videos etc… (especially if you’re experienced with any form of online marketing)

When people are starting a new band, they often say things like:

“I have no idea how to run a business.”

“I don’t understand the music industry.”

“I have no clue about marketing or promotion.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need practice, practice and more practice. Your first few shows will probably be awful. That’s OK. The important thing is to have fun!

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