Electricity The Best Electronic Albums of All Time

Electricity: The Best Electronic Albums of All Time: a blog about the best electronic albums.

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Best Electronic Albums is a list of electronic albums (including dance, ambient, and all other types of electronic music) ranked by votes from members at Ranker.

The list includes both studio albums and live albums. The first album to be featured in this list was Kraftwerk’s Autobahn, which was released in November 1974.

If you love electronic music, then the list below will be your go-to guide for all of the best electronic music albums in history. You can vote up your favorite albums to help determine the best electronic albums ever made, or vote down any that you feel are overrated. If one of your top electronic albums isn’t already listed, add it so others can discover it as well!

Electricity: The Best Electronic Albums of All Time.

The Best Electronic Albums of All Time.

A blog about the best electronic albums.

For a style that’s as dependent on technology as electronic music, it’s been surprisingly slow to adapt to the internet era, at least in terms of how its albums are released. While rock and pop artists have taken full advantage of the web’s ability to disseminate new music instantly and connect with fans on a more regular basis, most electronic artists still tend to release their new albums in the traditional retail manner: they announce them months in advance, they leak bits and pieces over time, they put out a few singles along the way, and then finally they drop them at every digital retailer simultaneously. The format is predictable, safe, and boring—and it makes me wish more electronic acts would try releasing their music the way Radiohead does: all at once, with little or no warning, for next-to-nothing in terms of cost (or maybe for free). Just imagine one day waking up to find that an artist like James Blake had posted his new album on his website for you to download for ten bucks or less (or nothing!). That would be amazing—and it would

Electronic music is a broad range of musical sounds that are produced using electricity to generate sound. This blog will be dedicated to the best electronic albums of all time.

If you’re looking for the Best Electronic Albums of All Time, this is the place. We’ve rounded up the top 50 electronic albums to listen to in your lifetime, both new and old. This list includes the best albums by Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, and Moby. The top electronic albums come from different eras of music.

What are the greatest electronica albums? The best electronic music spans many genres, including electronic rock, house, techno, drum & bass, ambient music and more. Some of the greatest electronic artists include The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim and Aphex Twin. This list is voted on by our users who are passionate about electronic music and know how it should be ranked! If you think the greatest electronica album isn’t as high as it should be then make sure to vote it up so it receives the credit it deserves. If you want to know what is the best electronica album of all time or what are the top electronica albums then this list will answer your questions.

Examples of artists that have been considered “electronic” include: Daft Punk, Moby, Underworld, Air, U2 (experimental phase), David Bowie (also experimental phase), Nine Inch Nails (also experimental phase)

In the age of mp3s, streaming services, and YouTube rips, the concept of an electronic “album” is beginning to seem quaint. As a physical object, the album is slowly being supplanted by the single. And as a marketing tool, it’s being replaced by the playlist. So perhaps it’s time to reevaluate the form. After all, in the streaming era, it’s not about what you own–it’s about what you listen to. The best electronic albums of all time run the gamut from house music to techno to ambient to noise–there are a lot of different sounds that fall under the “electronic” umbrella. But they all share one thing: They’re loud enough to make you dance but quiet enough for headphone listening. And they’re all pretty damn good.

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