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Best Tunes of the 70s: a blog about the greatest bands, songs, and albums of the 70s.

May 28, 2017

The Best Albums and Songs of 1971

Here’s my list of the best albums and songs of 1971. I’ve chosen 2-3 “winners” in each category. Feel free to disagree. All links are to YouTube videos.


“Who’s Next,” The Who: I love the Quadrophenia album better, but this one has so many great tracks that it’s hard to argue with it. “Baba O’Riley” is amazing, as is “Behind Blue Eyes.” This album is a classic start to finish.

“Tago Mago,” Can: While Can was always an acquired taste, this album really takes the band to another level. While they continue their long-form pieces (as on “Halleluhwah”), they also experimented with shorter songs like “Spoon.” This is one of their best albums.

“Meddle,” Pink Floyd: This album has a more unified sound than some of their later ones, and some great guitar work from David Gilmour throughout. I especially like “San Tropez

Best Tunes of the 70s: a blog about the greatest bands, songs, and albums of the 70s.

The 70s was a great time for music, especially electronic music. From Pink Floyd to Kraftwerk to Parliament Funkadelic, artists were pushing the limits of what was possible with synthesizers. This blog will examine the best tunes from this era.

I have been deeply interested in electronic music since I was a child, when I spent hours in my parents’ basement tinkering with their reel-to-reel tape deck and Moog synthesizer. The sounds that came out of those machines made me feel some way I can’t really describe. As an adult, I continue to explore these feelings by listening to, writing about, and performing electronic music.

The 1970s were a golden era for electronic music. It was also the golden era of pop. From Kraftwerk to Donna Summer to Gary Numan and beyond, this is a blog about the greatest (and least-great) bands, songs, and albums of the 70s.

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These days it seems like there are very few musicians with real talent out there. But in the 70’s there were a lot of great bands who really knew how to make some good music. At Best Tunes of the 70’s we want to bring back all those great tunes and let people know what they’ve been missing all these years. Bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Clash, and many others. You can find information about them and their music on our site as well as some other great artists of the 70’s that we think you should know about too.

If you’ve never heard of any of these artists before, I think you’ll be very surprised by how good their music is and just how much talent these guys had. Some of the music from this era might sound a little weird to your ears if you’ve never heard anything like it before, but give it a chance because once you do I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I do!

The 1970’s were an interesting time for the creation of music. The age of disco created many new musicians and bands that are still popular today. The 70s also marked a rise in many different types of music, including folk, rock, funk and punk. Because the 70s produced so much musical talent, it is difficult to choose the best artists of the decade. However there are a few that stand out as truly exceptional.

The best band of the 70s was undoubtedly the Rolling Stones. The Stones’ talent for creating catchy hooks and infectious beats is unmatched by any other group from this time period. Their songs “Start Me Up” and “Satisfaction” were two of the greatest songs ever created, and their albums “Tattoo You” and “Some Girls” are considered classics by music aficionados all around the world. Besides their music, their stage presence was also remarkable. Mick Jagger’s unique style of dancing made him a sex symbol to millions of women across America, while Keith Richards became a role model for thousands of aspiring guitarists hoping to follow in his footsteps. Their influence can still be seen on modern bands like Green Day and Pearl Jam who are known to cover some of their songs in concert.

Another great band from the 70

We know how it feels to be confused about what type of electronic music to listen.

So we decided to create a page with the most popular electronic music genres of the 70s.

We hope that this page will help you to get out of your musical confusion.

Here is our list of 70s Electronic Music genres:

Electronic rock

Lots of electronic bands were emerging in the 1970s, but few of them stood out from the crowd. Today we will be discussing groups that made the biggest impact on pop culture during their time.

The first group to think about is the Yellow Magic Orchestra. Their sound was a mix of electro-pop and synthwave, and it was very new for that time. Nowadays YMO is considered as one of the pioneers of modern electronic music.

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