Best Electro Swing Songs of All Time

Electro swing is a music genre that combines the influence of vintage or modern swing and jazz mixed with house, hip hop, and EDM. Electro swing incorporates vintage musical elements in house and techno productions and combines this with the contemporary club sound. A main feature of the genre is sampling of old jazz recordings remixed to create a new dance beat.

Best Electro Swing Songs of All Time: A list of electro swing songs.

We are an international collective of electro swing enthusiasts, and we have compiled a list of the best electro swing songs. The songs are listed in no particular order. We do not expect that everyone will agree with our list. We do hope that you enjoy it!

1. Caravan Palace – Jolie Coquine

2. Parov Stelar – All Night

3. Gramatik – Just Jammin’

4. Lucky Chops – Brass Band Medley

5. Caravan Palace – Lone Digger

6. Pink Turtle – Back Against the Wall

7. Electro Swing Thing ft Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra & L’Orchestre De Contrebass – La Cumbia del Corazon (Tobitob Remix)

8. Parov Stelar – Catgroove

9. Caravan Palace – Rock It for Me

10. Mojo Makers – Sweet Lovin’ (Electro Swing Remix)

Cool enough to keep you coming back for more, but hot enough to keep you dancing—electro swing is a genre that’s hard to pin down. The genre has evolved a lot in recent years, developing from a style designed to help fans of traditional jazz reach younger audiences into something that’s uniquely its own.

In this list of the best electro swing songs of all time, we’ll take a deep dive into the history of electro swing and highlight 25 of the best songs the genre has to offer. If you need some new tunes to add to your electro swing playlist, this list will get the party started right.

Before we get into our list of the best electro swing songs, let’s first define what exactly “electro swing” even means.

Electro Swing is a form of music that combines elements of both electronic dance music and classic jazz sounds from the 1920s and 1930s. Many artists who perform under this style incorporate elements from other genres as well (such as hip-hop beats or even dubstep drops).

Electro Swing is a new genre of music that came out of the United Kingdom and Germany in the early 2000’s. During my early years in college, I discovered this awesome music. The style is a combination of electronic music and jazz as well as other influences such as hip hop, soul, funk, and more.

I hope you enjoy this list!

Electro Swing is a musical style that mixes elements of 1930s/1940s swing music with modern electronic dance music, frequently using samples from the original swing era. The genre has a strong fan base in Europe and Australia, but remains relatively unknown in North America.

The genre reached mainstream attention with the release of Caravan Palace’s self-titled debut album in 2008. Since then, it has gained popularity in many countries including France, Germany, and Russia. Artists such as Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace and Tape Five are known for their chart topping hits within the electro swing community.

The genre itself is not new; it first appeared in the early 2000s as bands like Phos Toni and Harlem Swing began to mix elements of electro music with 1920s-era jazz recordings. However, the genre did not gain much popularity until the late 2000s through artists such as Caravan Palace, Parov Stelar and Chinese Man.

In recent years, electro swing has become more popular in North America due to high profile releases from artists such as Gramatik and RJD2. While still a niche genre, it has begun to enter the mainstream thanks largely to media attention received by artists like Gotan Project and Parov Stel


2. The Noisy Freaks – Swing Bop (Bart & Baker Remix)

3. Electro Swing Thing

1. Caravan Palace – Lone Digger

2. Parov Stelar – Catgroove

3. Electro Swing Republic – Adam & Eve (Original Mix)

4. Waldeck – Addicted (Vintage Remix)

5. Jamie Berry – Out of My Mind (Original Mix)

6. Tape Five feat Yuliet Topaz – A Cool Cat In Town

7. Parov Stelar – Booty Swing (Original Mix)

8. The Electric Swing Circus – Mr Sandman

9. Parov Stelar feat Lilja Bloom – Beauty Mark

10. Bart & Baker – Diggin’ Bones

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