A Guide to Finding Great Electronic Rock Music

This site is a guide to finding great electronic rock music.

The focus of this guide is on the best electronic rock music and artists, rather than on the technical aspects of making electronic rock music.

I have been listening to electronic rock music since the late 1990s, and have spent countless hours surfing other blogs and searching YouTube trying to find new music that I like. This site aims to be a resource for people like me who want to enjoy great electronic rock music but don’t want to spend all their time looking for it.

When you first start listening to electronic rock music there are so many sub-genres that it can be difficult to find the artists and bands you will enjoy the most.

Since rock music has been around for over 50 years now, a lot of bands have come and gone, but there are still thousands of them active today. And with new bands popping up every day, there is no shortage of content for you to listen to.

Here are some great blogs about electronic rock music:

Cybernetic Cadaver


Thundering Underground

Electronic rock music is an incredibly diverse field of music, and the trick to finding the music that you like is to explore it. Below are a few great blogs and websites to get you started.

Indie Shuffle

A great site for discovering new electronic rock music, Indie Shuffle also has a great blog, awesome playlists, and other features that will help you discover your new favorite band.

If you like indie rock/pop/electronic music, this is the blog for you.


GrooveShark is a site where you can listen to almost any song you want on-demand. It lets you create playlists and share them with friends, so it’s perfect for introducing people to new bands they might like. It also has a great recommendation system that will help you find new bands similar to the ones you already like.

In addition to listening to individual artists’ albums or songs, one way I’ve discovered some really amazing electronic rock artists is by listening to GrooveShark radio stations of my favorite bands or genres (like Electro Rock Radio).

I love electronic rock music and if you are reading this blog you probably love it too. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite blogs to find new electronic rock music. Some of these blogs even let you listen to the music online or download it for free (legally, of course).

Electronic Rock Music Blogs:

Electronic Rock News

Find out about all the latest news in the world of Electronic Rock Music. This blog is updated daily with news and information on upcoming albums, concerts, and reviews of new artists.

Electronic Rock Music Reviews

This blog has tons of reviews on different Electronic Rock albums and artists. They also have links to buy the music online when it is available.

Free Electronic Rock Music Online

This is a great place to listen to your favorite electronic rock music online for free – legally. The songs are organized by genre and alphabetically by artist name. You can also search for artists by name.

Electronic rock (also known as electronica, electro rock, and digital hardcore) is a type of music that is influenced by electronic music. The term has been used to describe the music of many DJ’s, record producers, and artists throughout the years. It can refer to an electronic-influenced style of rock music, or to an electronic style that incorporates elements of traditional rock music. Here is a guide on how to find some great electronic rock music online.

Check out sites like Pitchfork Media and Stereogum. These are some of the most popular blogs on the Internet when it comes to finding new music. Both sites offer reviews of albums and singles in addition to interviews with artists and videos of live performances.

You can also check out some other popular blogs like All Songs Considered, Aquarium Drunkard, Consequence Of Sound and Muchmusic. These sites focus more on indie music than anything else but you can still find some great stuff here.

Electronic rock music, also known as electronic music, is a broad genre that covers almost everything involving synthetic sounds. The first appearance of electronic music was in the ‘50s and ‘60s when many artists began experimenting with tape machines and synthesizers.

Today electronic rock music has become vastly popular with an ever growing fan base and lots of mainstream success. This blog has been set up to help you discover new music within the genre.

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