10 Tips To Master the German Electronic Music Scene

10 Tips To Master the German Electronic Music Scene

Why Germany?

1. A long history of electronic music: Germany is the birthplace of electronic music and has been at the forefront of the scene since it began.

2. A generally good standard of living: Germany is one of the wealthiest and most stable countries in Europe, something reflected in a high quality of life for its citizens.

3. The weather: Temperatures in Germany rarely reach extreme levels – you won’t be freezing your ass off in the winter or sweating buckets in the summer, making it ideal for enjoying outdoor music festivals.

4. It’s relatively easy to get here: As one of the world’s leading economies, getting to Germany from anywhere else in Europe is fairly easy thanks to cheap budget airlines and an extensive rail network.

Electronic music is a wide field of modern music genres. It is also a part of the German music culture. When you think about German music, you might think about the most famous German band – Rammstein. However, Germany has much more to offer when it comes to electronic music.

In this blog post, we will talk about 10 tips on how to get into the German electronic music scene and which artists you should know.

1. What is Electronic Music?

Electronic music uses electric or digital instruments that create sounds without using acoustic elements like drums or guitars to produce sound. Electronic music can be created with synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers and more.

2. How did it start?

Even though we can hear electronic sounds in classical pieces of Wagner and Berlioz from the 19th century, electronic sounds were only used in big orchestras until the middle of the 20th century due to the high costs for electronic instruments. Little by little electronics came into pop-culture especially with the creativity for new sounds by The Beatles or Pink Floyd in the sixties and seventies. In Germany, bands like Kraftwerk were already experimenting with early synth sounds back in 1970s.

There are some things that you can only learn by being a part of the scene. We are here to help you with some tips to get you started and give you an overview of the German electronic music scene. Here are our top 10 tips for getting into the German electronic music scene.

1. Go to a club

2. Ask locals

3. Festivals, festivals, festivals!

4. Join Facebook groups & follow blogs

5. Listen to podcasts

6. Read interviews

7. Watch documentaries

8. Follow your favorite artists on social media

9. Subscribe to newsletters & channels

10. Get inspired & continue learning

The German electronic music scene is thriving – and it’s for the best! Whether you are a fan of techno, house or electro, there is always something for you. The only problem is that the German electronic music scene can be a bit overwhelming at times. You might end up wasting a lot of time looking for something that suits your tastes when you could have been listening to some amazing artists. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 artists who will help you get acquainted with the German electronic music scene in no time!

1. Paul Kalkbrenner

This Berlin-born artist will get you hooked on the German electronic music scene. With his unique blend of techno and minimalism, he has become an iconic figure in the genre and one of Germany’s most successful artists ever! His biggest hits include “Sky and Sand”, “Azure” and “Feed Your Head” (with Fritz Kalkbrenner).

2. Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim is known for his funky beats, which make him one of the most popular DJs in Germany today. He started out as a DJ in Hamburg but moved to London after working there for several years –

The German electronic music scene is one of the most vibrant and exciting in the world. Whether you are a fan of techno, minimal, house or trance, Germany has something for everyone.

There are countless festivals and parties to attend in Germany during the summer months and a great number of clubs worth checking out all year round – but how to get started? Below you’ll find some tips that will help you find your way through the German electronic music jungle.

1. Get familiar with the term Schranz

Schranz is a type of techno that originated on the dancefloors of Frankfurt and Mannheim in the early 1990s. The term then spread throughout Germany and is now used to describe any hard or aggressive techno.

2. Go to a party hosted by Monika Kruse’s label Terminal M

Monika Kruse is one of Germany’s best known female house DJs and she runs her own record label called Terminal M. Her team hosts regular parties throughout Germany, which are always worth checking out. The best thing about them: there’s often free entry for girls!

1. Get Familiar with the “Big Four”: Kraftwerk, Can, Neu! and Tangerine Dream

2. Learn about other important German bands

3. Go to a concert of a local band

4. Get used to the German language in music

5. Hear how English sounds in German

6. Listen to the lyrics of your favorite songs

7. Get more familiar with German culture while listening to music

8. Check out Berlin’s electronic music scene

9. Find out what inspires Germany’s electronic musicians

10. Make learning the language fun by creating your own playlist

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