10 Best Psychedelic Electronic Music Festivals to See in 2018

10 Best Psychedelic Electronic Music Festivals to See in 2018: 10 of the best psytrance festivals in the world which have been thoroughly researched.

I know what you’re thinking. “But I saw every single one of these events last year!” Well, you’re right. But that’s because some things are just too good to give up on. If you didn’t make it to any of them this year, then make a plan to visit one of these next summer!

Psychedelic electronic music isn’t the only genre of music that’s been around for decades, but it is one of the most unique genres out there. It’s a genre that combines elements from so many different types of music and cultures into one amazing sound that is truly indescribable. It’s also a style of music that has evolved over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is its popularity amongst party-goers around the world!

If you love parties and want to experience something totally new, then going to a psychedelic electronic music festival could be just what you need! Here are 10 places where you can find some incredible parties in 2018. You may not even have heard about them before now!

Psychedelic trance, aka psytrance, is a genre of electronic dance music that is fast gaining popularity around the world. Psytrance comes in many forms and flavors, but there are two main branches: Full-on psytrance (a.k.a morning trance), which characterizes a more energetic style with rapid beats, while darkpsy or forest psytrance is more mellow, often characterized by slower beats and melodic vocals.

The best way to experience psytrance for the first time is to attend a festival. There are festivals all over the world, and some feature psychedelic electronic music exclusively, while others include it as part of a broader lineup that includes other genres like house, techno and dubstep.

While there are many amazing festivals out there, here are 10 of the best psytrance festivals in the world which have been thoroughly researched.

Psytrance festivals are a great way to experience the culture and atmosphere that comes with electronic dance music. With its roots in Goa, psytrance is fast becoming one of the biggest genres of electronic music around.

From Burning Man to Universo Paralello, there are so many psychedelic electronic music festivals around the world. So we have found 10 of the best psytrance festivals for you to enjoy.

1. Boom Festival – Portugal

Boom Festival is one of Europe’s biggest psytrance events, known for its unique artistic vibe, diverse lineup and stunning location on Lake Idanha-a-Nova in Portugal. The festival takes place every 2 years, with a lineup that includes artists from all over the world, performing on 5 stages across 10 days.

2. Ozora Festival – Hungary

Ozora is another one of Europe’s biggest and most popular psytrance festivals, taking place once a year in a small village in Hungary called Ozora. Featuring a diverse group of performers, including acts from the UK and South Africa, it has become known as one of the legendary psytrance events of the year and attracts over 30,000 people from all over the world each August.

3. Rainbow Serpent Festival –

It’s that time of the year again. Our yearly list of Psychedelic Electronic Music Festivals to see in 2018.

The following list is regarding some of the world’s most popular and well known psytrance festivals.


If you want to get your groove on and escape the real world for a while, then these psychedelic electronic music festivals will definitely be right up your street. These festivals are all about good vibes and bringing people together, so if you’re ready to experience some of the best psytrance music in the world, then here are the top 10 psytrance festivals held around the globe.

Psychedelic Trance Music Festivals in Brazil

When you close your eyes and think about a psychedelic music festival, what comes to mind? Probably something like the Robot Heart bus on top of a mountain blasting beats to a crowd of tripping hippies. Or maybe it’s more like a spaceship hovering above a desert, filled with smiling party-goers bathing in neon lights. Well, that’s actually pretty much exactly what they look like.

Psychedelic trance is an electronic dance genre characterized by hypnotic arrangements of synthetic rhythms and mesmerizing melodies or sonic textures. The music is usually produced to evoke cultural memories and references to psychedelic experiences through the use of musical effects, such as reverberation and panning.

Their sound is best encapsulated by the image of dancing at dawn in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by thousands of smiling friends. And lucky for us, this type of experience is not limited to Burning Man.

In our search for the Top 10 Psychedelic Festivals from around the world, we took into account several factors: lineup quality, location, time of year, production quality and uniqueness.

Psychedelic electronic music is a genre of music that emphasises the use of psychedelic drugs for musical, artistic or spiritual purposes. Psychedelic electronic music was created in the 1960s and 1970s, mostly by musicians who were influenced by psychedelic experiences produced by LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, peyote cactus, and other psychoactive drugs.

In addition to hallucinogenic drugs, these psychedelic electronic music experiences have been associated with religious or spiritual experiences from shamanism, yoga and meditation to Jewish kabbalah and Christian mysticism. The use of psychotropic drugs for artistic and spiritual purposes dates back to ancient times. In ancient Egypt, for example, hemp was used in religious rituals to induce mystical experiences.

The term “psychedelic” (meaning “mind-manifesting”) was coined in 1956 by psychiatrist Humphry Osmond as an alternative descriptor for hallucinogenic drugs in the context of psychedelic psychotherapy. Beginning in the late 1960s, Western popular culture has widely adopted the term “psychedelic” to refer to various popular music genres related to drugs such as LSD, mescaline (found in peyote) and psilocybin (found in magic mushrooms).

Today’s psychedelic electronic music festivals are a

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