The History of Jungle Electronic Music

The History of Jungle Electronic Music: a blog about the history behind jungle music.

Jungle Electronic Music is one of the oldest forms of electronic music still around today, but not many people know this. Jungle was originally called Jungle House, but because it had so many different sounds and was so fast paced, they changed the name to Jungle. It is thought that the name Jungle comes from the sound that it has in it, as it has a lot of animal sounding drums and such. Jungle is also known as Drum & Bass in some parts of the world.

Jungle was first created by people who lived in cities in England, and was a type of music that was played at parties where people would dance all night long. The first jungle record that came out was called “Jungle House” and it came out in 1988 by an artist named Ragga Rob. The second one came out in 1990 by an artist named A Guy Called Gerald and was called “Voodoo Ray”, this became very popular at clubs around London and then other cities. The next few years many other artists released records for jungle including artists like Goldie, Roni Size & Krust as well as others from America like The Prodigy (with their album Music For The Jilted Generation)

The History of Jungle Electronic Music: a blog about the history behind jungle music.

Jungle is a genre of electronic music that incorporates influences from genres including breakbeat hardcore, reggae/dub/dancehall, and techno. The genre is characterized by fast tempos (160 to 200 bpm), breakbeats, dub reggae basslines, heavily syncopated percussive loops, samples, and synthesized effects. The sound was pioneered in the early 1990s by UK based producers such as Krust, Goldie, DJ Hype, Remarc and Jonny L.

Jungle is also considered to be a precursor to the drum and bass genre which emerged in the mid-1990s.

As mentioned above, The History of Jungle Electronic Music is a blog about the history behind jungle music. This includes artists, producers, crews, labels, DJ’s and any other related topics. The blog will also feature articles about current artists, releases and events with a historical context or significant impact on the scene today.

The site is run by two brothers who were there at the start of jungle and are still heavily involved in it today. The History of Jungle Electronic Music will be a celebration of all things jungle and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we do writing it!

The History of Jungle Electronic Music is a blog about the history behind jungle music. From its early days, to where it is today.

Hell, I might even discuss drum and bass as well.

I know that there are blogs out there that discuss drum and bass music, but none that I have found really gets into the roots of jungle or the history behind it.

This blog is not just for me to talk about what I like or dislike about this genre. It will also be for people who want to find out more about the music, discover new artists and new tracks.

I am no expert on jungle music, but I do know a fair bit about this genre from my own research and from speaking with various artists over the years. Since no one else has written much on the subject, I thought I would share what I know.

Jungle Electronic Music is a blog about the history behind the music of Jungle. From its inception in the early 90’s, to its modern day form, Jungle Electronic Music will show you where it all started.

Included on this blog is interviews with many of the major players involved in the scene: Dillinja, Roni Size, DJ Hype, Kenny Ken and many many more.

So if you want to know more about Jungle Electronic Music and its history, then this blog is for you.

Jungle music is a musical style that was created in the 90s, it’s commonly known to be an offshoot of drum and bass.

This website aims to explore the history behind jungle music; how it came to be, how producers were influenced by rave music prior and how the genre has evolved since its inception.

Jungle electronic music is a very special genre of electronic music. It’s often overlooked by record labels and many producers who don’t know how to make jungle beats are unaware of where to start.

Jungle is a genre of electronic music that developed in England in the early 1990s. With roots in the UK rave scene and Jamaican dancehall, it is generally characterised by fast tempos (around 160-180 bpm), breakbeats, and heavy bass lines. The genre is usually considered to have emerged and gained mainstream traction between 1992 and 1994 on the back of a number of crossover hits from artists such as DJ Hype and LTJ Bukem. Jungle spawned the subgenres drum ‘n’ bass, breakcore, hardcore jungle, darkcore (or darkstep), hardstep, ragga jungle and neurofunk.

The genre has been described as “the most significant development in contemporary dance music since house.” Jungle often uses a lot of samples from movies or other sources, both spoken word samples (“soundbites”) and sampled musical instruments. Many producers also use synthesizers to create instrument sounds that are not found in samples or to create new sounds altogether. Some of these synthesizers include the Fender Rhodes electric piano, the Yamaha DX7 keyboard synthesizer, the ARP Odyssey analog synthesizer, Moog synthesizers (including the Minimoog) and various samplers including E-mu Systems Emulator and Akai

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