Relaxation Beats

Relaxation Beats is an album of relaxing electronic music composed by U.S. producer and music artist Bobby Cole (also known as Bobby C). The album contains five tracks, each in a different style, including 3D Sound and Binaural beats. It was released on April 27, 2018 via the UK based record label Bobby Cole Records.

The album contains five original compositions by Bobby Cole, each one of them being created with different types of Electronic Music. The first track “Relaxing Electronic Music” features a deep base line which is combined with various sound effects and vocal pads. The second track “Relaxing Electronic Music After Dark” is a darker style of electronic music than the first track, featuring more ambient sounds, deep pads and dark chords. The fifth track “Relaxing Electronic Music – Funky Sounds” takes a different direction to the previous four tracks, creating a more upbeat and fun vibe through detailed drum beats and complex vocal melodies.

Our Relaxation Beats are created by professional musicians, who are leaders in their field. Our carefully crafted music is designed to help you relax and lower your stress levels. Pick a sound that best suits your needs and listen to the relaxing beats of our music.

The Relaxation Beats can be used for soothing ambient background music or as sleep music to help you drift off into a deep sleep. You can even use our relaxing sounds to help children with autism fall asleep!

Our Relaxation Beats also provide an excellent option for meditation music, making them an ideal choice if you practice yoga or other forms of relaxation techniques. We have a wide range of relaxing music styles and themes available including nature sounds, classical piano and violin, ocean waves, rainforest sounds and more.

Relaxation Beats is a place to find relaxing music, as the name implies. The relaxing music features quite a variety of genres and styles, from New Age instrumental to atmospheric ambient music and meditative world sounds.

Relaxing music is great for deep meditation, study music, yoga music, massage music, sleeping music and general calming background music. Relaxing beats can also be used as focus music for studying or concentration for work or as calming, soothing music for relaxation or as sleep music to help you fall asleep.

Relaxing beats is a channel that was originally created in 2012 by David Hughes (audio & video) and Adam Mayers (artwork).

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Relaxation Beats is an online music radio channel that plays relaxing ambient electronic music and nature sounds all day long. It is a perfect place to find the sounds you need to relax and unwind, focus and study, meditate or sleep.

All tracks are handpicked by our team to ensure they are of the highest quality, so you can enjoy your listening experience to the fullest. Use Relaxation Beats when you want to:

– increase your concentration and productivity

– calm down and relax

– unwind after a hard day at work or school

– prepare for meditation and yoga practice

– fall asleep fast with no distractions

– overcome insomnia

– enjoy a more restful sleep

The Relaxation Beats series represents the best in relaxation music. Each CD is theme-related and features a collection of soothing sounds that help you relax and unwind.

The Relaxation Beats series was created by renowned composer/producer David Lewis Luong. David has worked with New Age luminaries such as Yanni, Kitaro, Enya, Vangelis, Andreas Vollenweider, and Peter Maunu. His music has been heard on television shows such as ABC’s “General Hospital”, NBC’s “Days Of Our Lives”, CBS’s “As The World Turns”, and many others.

Relaxing Electronic Music is the best music for relaxation and meditation. Our app will help you to relax, sleep better, reduce stress, and increase energy. It also helps you to meditate, focus and calm your mind.

Relaxing Electronic Music’s mission is to bring harmony into your daily life by using the power of music. Listen to modern sounds and experience a new journey of relaxation. This app has been designed with love by a team of music lovers who are passionate about spreading the benefits of relaxing music. With Relaxing Electronic Music you can improve your quality of life and regain your balance now.

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