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Hi! This is my first Demo of the Day, and it’s an indie electronic song I’ve been working on for a while. I’m a little nervous about uploading this; it’s not my best work, and I don’t want to get off to a bad start here. But if I don’t put myself out there, how will I ever get any better?

I’m looking for feedback on arrangement, production, and mixing. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

We have a really nice demo of the day today. It’s an indie electronic song, “A Thousand Years”. The singer is singing a duet with himself, and he did all the instrumentation too. It’s very well done, especially given that it was written and performed by just one person.

We love the strong melodic hook and simple lyrics. They have obvious directness, which makes them relatable to the listener right away. He also has a really nice voice that really suits this type of music.

This song sounds like it could be on mainstream radio in its current state. We think it would be a great candidate for licensing opportunities as well. The singer has a good voice for commercials and jingles.

Check out “A Thousand Years” and leave some feedback for the artist!

Indie Electronic Song is a lovely song with great composition, sound design and arrangement. It’s a perfect fit for the indie scene and we can imagine this song on a movie trailer or in a big stadium.

The main melody is played by an electric guitar which has been detuned, so it sounds more like a piano or synth. This gives the track that electronic feel. The melody is supported by vocals, most of the time with delay effects applied to create depth.

The intro starts off calm with some atmospheric synths and percussion, before switching to the main theme at 00:20. We love how simple but effective these first 20 seconds are! After introducing the melody, it quickly changes up at 00:32 with some breaks and a vocoder-like synth which fits perfectly into the mix.

The second part of indie electronic song starts at 01:13 with some filtered synths and pads which builds up towards the next drop. The break part ends at 02:30 before going back to the main theme again until 02:57 where it cuts to the last part of the song with a guitar solo.

A nice touch is how the outro starts at 03:18 with an ambient piano before fading out around 03:35.

Chiptune / Indie Electronic. I made this song to be a demo of the day on, which is a website that allows you to upload your musical creations and allow users to download them, along with the source files so they can remix it and create their own songs.

(The original project file is up as well, if you like to see how I did it.)

I’m pretty happy with this song, especially considering what short time I spent on it. The song is essentially done in just one pattern, but each part of the song plays the same pattern in different octaves. It’s not very complex, but for a 2 minute long track that’s enough for me. The only thing I would have liked to add was some sort of bassline, but I couldn’t figure out another instrument that fit well into the track in terms of timbre and/or volume.

We feature a new song every week! This week, we are featuring the song “I’m in Love with the Girl Next Door” by Marcela Sanctis. We love the indie electronic sound of this song. The lyrics are very unique and beautiful. The melody is catchy and the production is top notch. We think you will really enjoy this song. If you like it, please be sure to leave your comments below!

When I first heard the song that opens this post, it was this morning. The track is called “Warmth” and it’s by a band or project called RYVES. I have no idea how long they’ve been around, but I can tell you that I’m glad to have discovered them today.

The song is like a dreamy but energetic electro-pop song with a great vocal. It’s got an indie rock vibe that reminds me of bands like Purity Ring and Chvrches, with a slower tempo and more synth than those groups use. It sounds 80s-inspired without feeling cheesy, thanks to the dreamy vocals and chugging synths that give it energy.

Indie electronic artist K.Flay is a classically trained pianist and hip-hop beatsmith, who has also been known to rock out with a guitar and a backing band. Her eclectic musical background is reflected in her music, which features elements of trip-hop, pop and hip-hop.

K.Flay (also known as Kristine Meredith Flaherty) grew up in Wilmette, Illinois, where she was inspired by the local Chicago music scene. She attended Stanford University and graduated with a degree in psychology in 2005. After college, K.Flay moved back to her hometown of Chicago to focus on her music career.

K.Flay began by recording tracks at home on her laptop, adding layers of vocals and instrumentation to create the finished product. In 2007, she released her first EP entitled Suburban Rap Queen under the name Karma Kid. In 2009, she published the EP I Stopped Caring in ’96 under her current moniker K.Flay.

In 2010, K.Flay changed record labels from Rock Ridge Music to RCA Records and released a six track EP entitled Eyes Shut on October 5th 2010. The lead single “Make Me Fade” debuted on September 10th 2010 and received airplay

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