Dark Electronic Artist Launches New SoundCloud Page

A dark electronic artist has just launched his new SoundCloud page. Check it out here. He has a few tracks available for free download, as well as a couple of albums for streaming-only. The artist is also taking requests for free download on his Facebook page.

One of the most creative artists in the dark electronic scene has just launched a new SoundCloud page, showcasing his latest releases. This follows an EP release on iTunes and Spotify earlier this year.

The artist, who goes by the name of Ego Likeness, is known for her powerful darkwave beats and intelligent commentary on modern society. In contrast to some of her peers in the gothic rock genre, Ego Likeness focuses heavily on the music side of things, with less emphasis on theatrical imagery and live shows.

This is not to say that her music lacks theatricality: indeed, her new album features a range of vocalists (including herself) and collaborators. However, she has always placed more emphasis on the quality of the music itself than many other artists in this genre.

​A new SoundCloud page has recently been launched by the dark electronic music artist and producer known as Imperfect Circle. The page features a number of songs, including tracks from their latest album, which is entitled “Here Lies Reality”.

The songs are available to stream for free on SoundCloud. This has made them instantly accessible to online listeners anywhere in the world. Those who want to support the artist’s work can do so by subscribing on Patreon or Bandcamp, where they will find exclusive content.

More information is available at https://soundcloud.com/imperfectcircleofficial​

Imperfect Circle is an electronic music project run by a solo artist based in Los Angeles, California. They create dark synthwave and industrial-inspired music that is characterized by deep basses and haunting melodies. The artist uses both hardware and software synthesizers to make their music, as well as drum machines and other devices for creating unique sounds.

They have been making underground electronic music for several years now and have over 20 releases available on Bandcamp and elsewhere online. Their music can be categorized as dark ambient with elements of techno, trance, breaks, industrial and other genres. It has been described as “like a soundtrack to the apocalypse” by fans and critics

The dark electronic artist known as Pr0x1mus has just launched a brand new SoundCloud profile, which is already gaining quite a bit of attention.

The first single to be featured on the page was released earlier this week, and it’s called “The Veil.” The track is intended to be the introduction to a much larger concept that will be elaborated upon in further tracks and mixes on the new SoundCloud profile.

Pr0x1mus describes his music as “dark instrumental electronica,” and says that he is inspired by other artists who have taken the same concept in different directions. His music is largely instrumental, but he does also use spoken word samples at times.

The samples are often from movies, and Pr0x1mus is currently accepting submissions for spoken word samples from anyone who wants to contribute to his project.

While there aren’t too many tracks on the page yet, Pr0x1mus has said that there will be more coming soon. He has also said that he plans to release some public domain remixes of various pieces.

The synthwave producer and DJ, known for his dark, dreamy sound, has released a new batch of songs on SoundCloud. The new album features collaborations with other artists, including Perturbator and Dance With the Dead.

“I’ve been trying to get these tracks out for months now,” says the artist. “I’m just really happy that they’re finally available for people to hear.”

You can listen to the album below. Check back later in the week for our interview with the dark electronic musician!

In the last few years electronic music has evolved beyond anything we could have anticipated. New technology is capable of making unique sounds which have never been heard before. So naturally, many new artists have made a name for themselves by creating dark electronic music.

One such artist is ????????????????????ℭ????????????ℭ, who is from Germany and has been producing some of the most sinister and scary sounds on the internet for the last four years.

His latest album, ???????? ℂ????????????, features seven tracks which are all about 7 minutes long. Each track has an eerie atmosphere which will make you feel like you are trapped in a nightmare.

You can listen to his new release on SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/gragchifkh/sets/la-cbit

The artist is unique, has a distinct sound and is unknown to the masses. That’s how I would describe ___. The producer from __ has been creating music for years now, but it wasn’t until recently that he decided to launch his SoundCloud page and share his work with the world.

The artist is humble and doesn’t claim to be better than other producers, but he does stand out in the sea of SoundCloud musicians. The music he produces can best be described as dark electronic, with a lot of bass in it. His first track “___” was just released last week and already has over thousand plays on Soundcloud. It’s a strong start for an upcoming producer and I am sure he will get noticed soon enough by some big names in the industry.

You can check out his new Soundcloud page here___.

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