5 Things You Can Learn From the Top 100 EDM Artists of 2016

The music industry’s growth from the last 10 years has been astronomical. The popularity of electronic dance music has reached a new level and this is reflected in the top 100 DJ’s poll. EDM Sauce covered some of the most surprising statistics of 2016.

Here are 5 things you can learn from the top 100 EDM artists of 2016:

1. Take risks – The number one DJ on our list was Martin Garrix and at 20 years old, he is by far the most successful and youngest artist to hold this title. He said in an interview that his biggest regret is taking too long to release his first track. As producers we are not always comfortable with releasing our music, but remember that you don’t get better by hiding your music away.

2. Work hard – Hardwell, who previously held the number 1 spot for 2 years, was only able to achieve this through dedication, talent and hard work. He took dance music and added his own style to create something truly unique and special. He has created a signature sound that you can easily recognize from his earlier tracks like ‘Spaceman’, which will be heard for years to come.

3. Keep innovating – There are a lot of

The Top 100 DJ Mag poll results have been released and fans everywhere are rejoicing! This year’s number one spot goes to Martin Garrix for the second year in a row. Here are 5 things you can learn from this year’s top 100 EDM artists:

1. The power of collaboration

Six of this year’s top 10 producers collaborated with other artists to release the tracks that got them on the list. Martin Garrix collaborated with other artists 7 times in 2016! Collaboration is a key component in creating great music and also helps to expand your audience.

2. A great remix can boost your reputation

Several DJs and producers on the list were not newcomers at all, but had boosted their reputations by creating amazing remixes of popular tracks. This is a great way to get noticed if you don’t have an original track ready to go or if you’re looking to create some buzz around a new release.

3. Be consistent

Every single artist on this list put out multiple releases in 2016! Some put out as many as 20! I’m not saying you need to be releasing music every week, but it does help to keep your name in the minds of listeners and industry alike by consistently giving them new music to listen to.

4. You

I have been studying the top 100 EDM artists in 2016 for an upcoming blog post and noticed a few interesting things that I would like to share with you.

1. The top 100 list was based off of social media following, so it should be noted that this is not a pure representation of their talent. Social media is a great tool for artists to get their music out there and be heard, but it is not the only way to succeed as an artist.

2. There are many more male artists than female. Out of the top 100, only 8 are female;

On a quest to find the most influential electronic dance music artists of 2016? If you’re looking for some serious inspiration, then look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the top 100 EDM artists of 2016, according to Beatport. The list is broken down into different genres and sub-genres, so you can easily find the DJs and producers you’re looking for in each category.

Not only that, but we also went a step further and analyzed the top 10 artists per genre (so 10 Trance artists, 10 Electro House artists, etc) to see what they all had in common. What did we discover? Some pretty interesting things. Check out our findings below:

There are many artists who have made it on to the Top 100 DJ’s list, but not all of them can stay on this list. There are many reasons that contribute to success in the EDM industry, and while some of these things are out of the artist’s control, there are some simple things that every aspiring DJ can learn from the top 100 DJ’s of 2016.

1. Groom yourself and be ready to be interviewed at any moment.

2. Always remember where you came from and be humble about your accomplishments.

3. Be as nice as you can with your fans.

4. Be yourself and create your own style of music while keeping true to yourself.

5. In order to stand out from the crowd you need to know what is going on in the world around you and stay current.

In March, we crunched the numbers for every artist on Spotify who has been designated as ‘EDM’ by a listener, and then ranked the top 100 based on their listeners in the United States. Now that the dust has settled from our last update, we wanted to revisit the list and see what we could learn from these artists.

1. The 5 largest countries on Spotify are represented in the top 10.

2. The EDM genre is comprised of many sub-genres.

3. The top EDM artists have grown up with technology, but haven’t forgotten how to be human.

4. Top EDM artists are using their platform to give back in meaningful ways.

5. EDM artists are creating incredible music videos

The Top 100 DJs of 2016 was released this past Monday, and to say the least, there were some major surprises. The most notable being that Hardwell fell from the number one spot he has held for the past two years to finish 4th behind Martin Garrix, Tiesto and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

A strong contender for

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