YourSound Remix Compilation

YourSound Remix Compilation: A blog about the up and coming artists featured in the YourSound Remix Compilation.

I am a student at the University of West London studying music, and I have been recently assigned to do a project based on a remix compilation album. The assignment is to create a blog which will promote the album and all the artists included in it.

My motivation behind this project was to find out more about new artists who are creating music which you will not hear on mainstream radio stations or TV channels, but still has lots of potential. I find it exciting when I discover new sounds and styles of music, especially ones which are created by people my age. I want to use this blog as an opportunity to discover both new music and new musicians who are not widely known yet, but hopefully will be soon!

YourSound is a blog about the up and coming artists featured in the YourSound Remix Compilation.

The YourSound Remix Compilation is an album featuring a number of artists from the UK and Australia.

Welcome to YourSound Remix Compilation. We are a blog dedicated to bringing you the hottest up and coming artists in the industry.

The YourSound Remix Compilation is an album that features remixes of already established tracks by some of the hottest up and coming artists. These artists include: DJ Shweyga, DJ LIS, DJ R3WIRE & VARSKI, MARTEN HORGER, SUTTER KAIN & DARKO and many more.

We hope you enjoy our site!

YourSound Remix Compilation is a compilation of remixes from up and coming artists. The tracks featured in the YourSound Remix Compilation are submissions from the YourSound Competitions, which are held every month.

The winners of each competition are the ones that get to feature in the compilation. There is no restriction on what genre the track has to be, so there lots of variety in the tracks that feature in the compilation.

The competition is judged by a panel of judges made up of professional musicians and DJs. The criteria for judging varies depending on the genre, but usually it boils down to an interesting and catchy melody, good lyrics and how well it was produced.

The YourSound Remix Compilation is a great way for new artists to get their music out into the public eye as there is such a wide array of listeners who listen to it.

The first edition of the YourSound Remix Compilation is here! The compilation has been compiled by the YourSound Remix Team and is a mixture of bootlegs, mash-ups and remixes.

The YourSound Remix Team:

– Mixmater

– Mr. Bootleg

– Mashupmaster

The compilation is available as a free download via the YourSound website:

All of the artists featured on this compilation are up and coming artists in their respective fields and we hope that this compilation will help them get the exposure they deserve.

The YourSound Remix Compilation is an album by the independent record label YourSound. The album features 10 of their artists who have been remixed by 10 up and coming remixers. The album will be released on 12th December 2012.

The album, which is going to be free, is being released as a way for YourSound to help promote new artists. It will be available for download from the YourSound website, and will also be available as a hard copy which can be bought from Orchard, £2 from each hard copy sale will go to the charity SOS Children’s Villages UK.

SOS Children’s Villages UK is an international charity that provides orphaned and abandoned children with a safe environment in which they can grow up, with a mother and brothers and sisters.

YourSound Remix Compilation is a new album from YourSound Records, an independent label based in London. The album features remixes of the songs on YourSound’s latest album plus remixes contributed by friends and fans of YourSound.

The tracks feature a wide range of styles, including electronica, rock, pop, dance and reggae.

YourSound was founded in 2000 by music producer and composer Jason Buckle. Buckle has produced more than 50 albums in his career, many of them for YourSound Records.

For more information about YourSound Records and the YourSound Remix Compilation contact:

YourSound Records c/o Jason Buckle

1 Sound Avenue

London W1 7PJ

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