Weekend Tip for Football Fans Using the Touch Screen Pass

It’s football season again and here is a quick tip for all you weekend warriors out there. Using the touch screen pass will help you catch the ball at a football game.

Step 1: Make your way to the game.

Step 2: Purchase a ticket.

Step 3: Find your seat, preferably somewhere on the 50 yard line where it’s easier to see the players running across the screen.

Step 4: Wait for kickoff. The crowd should be getting into the game now, plus you can hear them in your head set up to listen in on what’s going on in the huddle and other interesting sideline conversations between players and coaches.

Step 5a or b: If you’re alone at home watching TV, turn up the volume on your phone so that you don’t miss any of those live commercials or pre-game interviews with stars like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady (who aren’t even playing right now). If you’re at a bar or restaurant with friends then just sit back and enjoy being around others who love football too because it’s not always about what happens during halftime shows but who you share them with after all when was last time anyone said “Man I really wish I hadn’t gone out tonight” anyway so grab yourself another beer from bartender

If you love football and have a cell phone with a touch screen, then you know that getting the ball on your screen can be difficult.

Here are some tips for using the touch screen on your phone to catch the ball at a football game:

Use the power of your thumbs!

Play with confidence!

Use the top of your finger.

And, play hard!

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another Weekend Tip. And this weekend the tip is perfect for all the football fans out there.

So you’ve got your tickets to the big game, you are hanging out with your friends, drinking beers and eating hot dogs, but you want to do something more than just watch the game. Well why not use your cell phone to catch a pass at the game.

How do you do it? Well, first of all you need to find someone who is close enough to throw a pass to. If they have one of those fancy smart phones they probably have a touch screen on it that they can use to throw a pass to you.

So once you find that person, what do you do? Well, all you really need to do is get their cell phone number, and then get their attention by yelling at them or waving your arms or something like that.

If they are paying attention (and if they are not paying attention then why are you wasting your time with them?) then all they have to do is tap on the touch screen where they want to throw the ball and it will be thrown in that direction.

It’s as simple as that! So go try this

People can’t see you, but they can hear you. When the ball is thrown toward you, use the touch screen on your cell phone to catch the ball. It sounds like a pass interference call and will get the defensive back flagged.

In the huddle coach says, “You got number 23.”

“Yes, I do,” you say. You are going to track him all night long. He is a rookie cornerback that has been making good plays. He’s fast as lightning with great hands and doesn’t suck in man coverage. He’s so good they call him “Touchscreen”.

Your huddle breaks and you go to your position on the field. You look over at number 23 and he is chirping his mouth off saying, “You don’t want no bit of this here.” You ignore him because when the quarterback snaps the ball he is going to eat those words for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The defense lines up and you get into your stance ready for battle. The quarterback calls out signals at the line of scrimmage and then points to you to go deep down field and make a catch. You start running full speed towards Touchscreen who begins running backwards with his eyes locked on yours trying to figure out if you are running a fade

Have you ever been to a football game? Well, if you have, there is one thing that I am sure you have seen people doing. Yes, that’s right! I am talking about people using the touch screen on their cell phone to pass the ball back and forth between each other. They are usually playing the game of “touch football” and it is usually played during the halftime show.

Here is an example of what I mean. This video was taken at a recent game between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots. The fans in the stands were playing “touch football” with their cell phones during halftime. If you watch closely, you can see that they are using the touch screen on their cell phone to pass the ball back and forth between each other:

If you want to try this yourself, all you need to do is download this app from Google Play Store: Touch Football App Download

So what do you think? Do you like this idea or not? Let me know in comments below!

If you are a hardcore football fan, then you already know that the only way to truly enjoy the game is by watching it live at the stadium. There’s nothing like sitting in the bleachers and watching your team throw, run and kick their way to victory. Make sure you arrive early at the stadium in order to get a good seat and avoid the traffic jam. Also, this gives you a chance to buy some food and drinks. The prices at these games are usually outrageous, so a little planning ahead can save you money!

You should also make sure that you have everything you need before leaving home. Most stadiums don’t allow fans to carry large bags into the game (for security reasons). So don’t forget your wallet, keys, cell phone and anything else that might be important. If you have purchased tickets ahead of time, grab them on your way out the door. And if you plan on recording any highlights of the game for posterity (or for bragging rights), then bring your video camera too!

Once inside, relax and enjoy the show! You are there to have fun so try not to let anything spoil it for you. When your team scores a touchdown or makes a great play, be sure to cheer loudly along with everyone else in order to

This weekend, more than fifty thousand fans will descend on the University of Michigan’s “Big House” to watch the Wolverines take on Notre Dame. And if you’re like most college football fans, you’ll be glued to your smartphone for the entire game. So why not put that iPhone or Droid to use?

Here’s a great tip from our friends at the University of Michigan: Use your phone as a hotdog-launching device.

All you have to do is tap your phone icon on the screen and fire away. A new app called Touch Screen Pass lets you launch up to four hot dogs at once using only your touch screen! The app also features an integrated “touch” string that allows you to aim at moving targets without having to worry about being too close or far away from them.

You can download Touch Screen Pass from the App Store or Google Play store now.

The Touch Screen Pass app was created by University of Michigan students Andy Miller and Josh Smith, who are both in their second year of computer science studies. They got the idea after watching several games together and noticing that most people were using their phones as remote controls rather than as handheld devices.

“We just thought it would be cool if we could use our phones to launch hot

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