Top 10 Electronic Rock Bands of the 2000’s

Electronic rock bands are a fun and popular genre of music to listen to. Although the genre is not as popular as it once was, there are still many great bands from the latter half of the 2000’s that have produced some amazing tunes. In this blog I will be listing my top 10 favorite electronic rock bands.

10. Daft Punk

9. Gorillaz

8. The Chemical Brothers

7. Crystal Castles


5. Passion Pit

4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

3. Postal Service

2. LCD Soundsystem

1. Justice

Electronic rock has been a polarizing genre ever since it hit the music scene in the mid-90’s. It combines electronic instruments with rock music to create a more modern and fun sound. While electronic rock is known for it’s extensive use of synthesizers, many artists incorporate other instruments like acoustic guitars, drums, flutes and even strings. This genre was incredibly popular during the 2000’s and continues to be a successful sound today.

While there are many opinions about this genre of music, I personally love it. It is upbeat, fun and gets me excited when I hear it! I like how diverse the genre is because there are plenty of subgenres: industrial rock, alternative dance, synthpop and nu metal to name a few. Below I have listed my opinion on the top 10 electronic rock bands of the 2000’s.

10. Mindless Self Indulgence

This American band formed in 1997 by frontman Jimmy Urine. They combine elements of punk rock and electronica as well as incorporating varying genres like industrial, hip hop and alternative rock. Their first album Tight was released in 1999 and they are still releasing music today!

Electronic rock is a genre of rock music that utilizes electronic instruments, including synthesizers and drum machines. The term can also refer to the use of electronic effects units in rock music to create a sound that is different from that produced by conventional rock instruments.

The following are the top 10 Electronic Rock Bands of the 2000’s:

1. Muse

2. Linkin Park

3. My Chemical Romance

4. 30 Seconds to Mars

5. The Killers

6. Green Day

7. Panic at the Disco!

8. The Prodigy

9. Bloc Party

10. Death Cab for Cutie

The 2000’s were the decade when music was reinvented. There were new genres, new artists, and new sounds that are still popular today. One genre that is usually forgotten about is Electronic Rock. Electronic rock is a genre of music that combines traditional rock instruments with synthesizers and electronic music. If you’re looking for a unique sound that can get you pumped up or mellowed out, these ten bands are perfect for you.

The Faint: The Faint started as an indie band but has evolved throughout the years to become one of the most well-known electronic rock bands in the world. They have released five albums over the course of their career and have been featured on many television shows, movies and video games. Songs like “Agenda Suicide” and “I Disappear” are guaranteed to make you want to get up and dance!

The Postal Service: The Postal Service is one of the biggest collaborations in music history. Combining Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard with indie musician Jimmy Tamborello, they created a genre bending album that took the world by storm. Their album “Give Up” became certified Platinum just two years after it was released and has sold over 1 million copies worldwide

The 2000’s were a transformative period for music. Pop stars like Britney Spears and *NSYNC ruled the radio waves but as rock music became more popular, bands like Coldplay took over the charts.

A genre of music that also became more popular in this decade is electronic rock. Electronic rock is a genre of rock music that combines elements of electronic music with traditional instruments. It was invented by bands like Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Some of the most popular electronic rock bands from the 2000’s are:

The Killers – The Killers are an American indie band from Las Vegas, Nevada that became famous in 2004 after their first single, Mr. Brightside was released. With their recognizable sound and smooth vocals they quickly rose to fame with other hit songs such as Somebody Told Me, When You Were Young, and Human.

The Strokes – The Strokes are an American indie rock band formed in 1998 who rose to fame in 2001 after their debut album Is This It? was released. Their sound is characterized by driving guitar riffs, staccato rhythms, and lead singer Julian Casablancas’ nasal voice. The

The s is one of the best decades for music in my opinion. All across the board there are top notch bands putting out some of their best work. The electronic rock genre had a lot to do with that. These bands took the electronic sounds and beats from DJ’s and mixed them with standard rock instrumentation creating a new and exciting sound. Some of these bands created unique hybrid styles like techno-metal, new prog, or electronica-funk that added even more flavor to this already tasty genre. Here are my top 10:

1. Dredg – Leitmotif

2. The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die

3. Mute Math – Mute Math

4. Dream Theater – Systematic Chaos

5. A Perfect Circle – Thirteenth Step

6. Nine Inch Nails – With Teeth

7a. Audioslave – Audioslave/Revelations

7b. Rage Against the Machine – Renegades/The Battle of Los Angeles

8. Daft Punk – Discovery

9a. Tool – Lateralus/Aenima/10,000 Days

9b. System of

Electronic rock, or electrorock or synthrock, is a type of rock music which uses electronic equipment such as electronic instruments, synthesizers or sequencers. Electrorock includes contemporary genres such as techno and trance, and may sometimes include pop, alternative rock, indie and experimental rock.

Electronica was used to define a range of contemporary electronic music designed for dancing. The term was mainly used in the USA; in the UK electronica remained interchangeable with dance music until the turn of the century.

Electronic rock incorporates elements from a variety of other genres including post-industrial, electric blues and folk music. The use of synthesizers and drum machines along with traditional rock instrumentation has created a number of offshoots including new wave, synthpop and industrial rock.

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