Top 10 Electronic Dance Music Events

The best events in the world, you can find them at Top 10 Electronic Dance Music Events. We have the ultimate list of the most known electronic dance music events around the globe. There are many different electronic music festivals, but only a few are known for their unique atmosphere or artist line-up.

The EDM scene is growing bigger and bigger each year. More artists are being booked to play at festivals and more festivals are being organized all over the world. Booking a festival ticket has become easier then ever with website like Eventbrite and Ticketmaster. If you’re looking for a place to be during one of these weekends, we have created a list of the Top 10 Electronic Dance Music Events around the globe.

We try to update our list every year, so make sure you check it out before booking a ticket!

Thinking about EDM festivals can be stressful. With so many choices, how do you know which ones will be the most fun? That’s why we’ve selected the top 10 electronic dance music events, based on music genres and locations, to make it easier for you.

1 – Ultra Europe Festival: July 13 – 15, 2018 Split, Croatia

Ultra Europe is a massive electronic dance music festival taking place in Split/Hvar, Croatia. It encompasses a 3-day Main Festival with over 150 artists performing on 7 stages as well as two additional days of events – Ultra Beach at the Hvar Island and Ultra Beach Clubbing at Papaya Club in Zrce Beach, Novalja.

2 – Tomorrowland: July 20 – 29, 2018 Boom, Belgium

Tomorrowland is a prime example of an electronic dance music festival that is known all over the world for its extravagant settings, mind-blowing production value and elaborate decorations including firework shows. It takes place annually in Belgium. The event began in 2005 and has since become one of the most popular festivals in Europe.

3 – Mysteryland USA: August 24 – 27, 2018 Bethel Woods Center for the Arts Bethel Woods, NY

Mysteryland USA has been around since 1993

The top 10 most popular EDM events in the world are:

1. Ultra Music Festival – Ultra, which began in 1999, is an annual outdoor electronic music festival that takes place in March in the city of Miami, Florida. The festival, a major part of Miami Music Week, spans 3 days and is held at Bayfront Park. As of 2016, Ultra has brought in attendance of over 165,000 people to the live event.

2. Tomorrowland – Tomorrowland is a large scale electronic dance music festival that started in Belgium 2005. Since its inception, a second location has been added in Brazil. Tomorrowland consists of approximately 15 stages and each stage represents a particular genre or artist that performs for an hour or two during the 2 day event. With over 400,000 attendees per year and ticket sales reaching capacity within an hour of opening online sales, Tomorrowland is surely one of the most popular EDM festivals in existence.

3. Electric Daisy Carnival – Electric Daisy Carnival is an annual 3 day outdoor event held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with hundreds of thousands attending every year since its inception in 1997. EDC features multiple stages where artists perform throughout the night until early morning hours with spectacular light shows and fireworks displays to entertain those present at this all ages event

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Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a type of music that is composed of electronically generated beats or sounds and is often set in a certain rhythm. It is created for live performances mainly in nightclubs, bars, raves, discotheques, festivals and at outdoor events. The term ‘electronic dance music’ was introduced to the American music industry by AllMusic journalist Joel Simches in the late 1980s.

The EDM genre has become popular over the years and has become part of mainstream music. This genre of music has been spreading like wildfire throughout the world as evidenced by the numerous EDM festivals that are being held all around the globe.

The number of electronic dance music events has been rapidly increasing over the last few years, especially in Europe and North America. In 2012 there were more than 4 million festival attendees with a total revenue of $4 billion worldwide according to Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella. In addition to this, DJ Magazine’s Top 100 Clubs Poll revealed an increase in attendance from 2011 to 2013 with 1 million people attending clubs on a nightly basis with another 2 million attending festivals annually. With these figures it can be safely assumed that electronic dance music will remain popular for a long time to come.

There are many different styles of electronic music, but here are some of the most popular.

There is something special about the music industry in Germany. While other countries struggle to establish a scene and get their artists known, Germany seems to have it all. Berlin is the Mecca of electronic music, Hamburg has a booming scene and even smaller cities like Düsseldorf or Hannover have a vibrant club culture.

The festivals seem to be an indicator for this phenomenon. As soon as the sun comes out, so do the people, who hit up their favourite festival grounds with their tents and backpacks. After three days of partying, they go back to work as if nothing has happened. This phenomenon can also be seen at the weather: it does not seem to matter how bad conditions are, people will rave no matter what!

1) Time Warp

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